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From Nova Films – MAIN ATTRACTION. Jeff Scott is walking by a bar, peers inside and sees hunky Bo Richards working in the empty bar.

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I’ve got IDs on at least some of the music from Main Attraction saved in my master list, not sure if I ever told you about all the song titles and artists? I can do so if you’re interested. I remember commenting to you in the 2014 post you linked, what’s odd is that I don’t recall where in the film that Liquid Gold song was heard (somehow it never made it to my list). Also the site I turned you onto for snagging copies of songs from yt and elsewhere, I haven’t used it in years and am not even sure if it still exists, it was shady to begin with and at some point I abandoned it. It was good while it lasted though.

I meant the full 60 minute Nova videotape collection, including the scene called Main Attraction as well as the others, It’s the Life and Neighborhood Watch. I found a copy of it online and Liquid Gold plays right at the beginning, so I added it to my master list, which is a nightmare of its own how confusing it is with all my add-on notes. I’m guessing it’s something similar to your drafts folder as you’ve described it, the kind of thing nobody else would be able to make heads nor tails from. Anyway, this is what I have, there are gaps here and there with unidentified music because it’s all a non-stop mix in the background, but I’ve managed to find IDs on many of the songs heard:

* Liquid Gold — Substitute [instrumental] (00:00 to 04:02)
* Queen — Another One Bites The Dust (07:19 to 10:04)
* K.I.D. — Don’t Stop (10:05 to 13:47)
* Blondie — Heart Of Glass (13:48 to 15:30)
* Teena Marie — Square Biz (16:41 to 18:57)
* Giorgio Moroder — E = MC^2 (18:58 to 21:21)
* Immortals — Warlords Part 2 (24:32 to 27:04)
* Boystown Gang — Cruisin’ The Streets (27:05 to 29:34)
* Kano — I’m Ready (31:38 to 34:57)
* Giorgio Moroder — The Chase (34:58 to 36:12)
* Mouzon’s Electric Band — Everybody Get Down (36:13 to 38:30)
* USA-European Connection — I’d Like To Get Closer (38:31 to 41:58)
* Wonder — Up & Down (46:23 to 49:59)
* Roy Ayers — I Wanna Feel It (52:19 to 54:16)
* Tantra — Hills Of Katmandu (54:17 to 57:32)

A different song by USA-European Connection, Good Loving, is heard in The Boys Of Venice when Kip Noll is fucking Emmanuelle Bravos on the pool table in the disco ;)

wow! I’ll try to find some video for this to create a separate post featuring your hard work, and the chance to fill in those few “blanks” – thanks!

Sure, if you or anyone can fill in the remaining blanks I’d appreciate that. And I’ll try to remember to add it to my list this time!

I crowdsourced another Nova film a year or more back on reddit because it had a Patrick Cowley song unauthorized in it, I figured out some of the obvious other songs but I knew there were a lot of really great instrumental ones I wanted to know, and somebody helped me get at least most of them. I think it was Heat Waves, because gevi says that the scene The Big Weenie is in that one, and that was the scene I liked the best. I’m sure a lot of people who rented those Nova / Nebula / Midnight Men videos with already older loops just muted the volume but there are some great variety of music on them, and the sound quality is generally outstanding since there’s no competing audio from the loops themselves.

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