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Donnie on Fire Island

This Donnie Russo interview has been sitting in my drafts folder for I don’t know how long. Say what you will about him over the years, too much this, not enough that, BUT – I bet he’d be awesome to just hang out and talk….

“And to look back, and to think that my name would become world recognizable; that blows my mind. And the second thing that blows my mind, I’d really like to know how much cum has been dropped about me. Gallons wouldn’t even begin.”

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Interesting interview! I’ll humblebrag that I had Donnie (briefly) in the sauna in Chelsea Gym back in the 90s… And he mentions one of my favorite performers of that era, Danny Somers. Wish I knew what happened to him- heard he was working his way through med school, but no word on where he is now. Though I do imagine going to a new doctor and seeing that grin…

Have you seen the photo, (similar to the 3rd one above), where he’s tied a pair of boots to his nuts and they’re just hanging? So hot.

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