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“If you enjoy hot daddies, rugged dudes, raw sex, chiseled models, and vintage male icons, I’ve got something for ya! This site consists of over five years of Tumblr posts I migrated at the end of 2018. I post new content regularly.”

of course my interest in going over there is the VINTAGE (NSFW) – Classic gay porn from the 70s and early 80s; but of course it’s still fun to poke around the full site for a selection of GAY PORN, VINTAGE (NSFW),VIDEOS (NSFW), HOT MEN, and TUMBLR_LEGACY – I’m confident there’s no overlap!

take Vintage: Wanted – a great overview of the Steve Scott film, with loads of pics and animated GIFs. Not to mention features like Hot Dads and Dudes, Hot Dudes and Men, Random: COCKS and VINTAGE: (fill in star/pair) – and he actually gives credit where he nabs pics! I would (sure) if I could keep track. Check ’em out, have fun, but COME BACK~!

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Terrific resource! I wish there were more of them out there. Very fun to explore. If you not careful, you’ll fall down a rabbit hole. A delicious rabbit hole.

But I’ll always circle back to BJ Land.

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