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Michael & Phillip

Michael & Phillip (1974) – turn volume UP! – heehee!

“[Michael and Phillip] were well known among San Francisco barflies as “The Two Davids.” [Michael] was born on August 25, 1947 in Binghamton, NY. He found his way to the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1960s and blossomed almost immediately within the gay scene. He was a well known waiter/bartender for many years, starting out at the Gilded Cage, then on the P.S., then Kimo’s where he worked for eight years. In 1978, he won the California Groovy Guy competition, which was then sponsored by Databoy magazine.” – from GEVI

would love to know more about them, as a couple, and as individuals. and to get a decent pic with both their faces at same time!

previously – MAKE ME LAUGH – talk dirty to me – yes I posted the same video some years back

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I think I mentioned to you before, that 70s and 80s issues of the Bay Area Reporter are scanned and free to view online. I found Michael’s obit in the issue linked below, on page 19:

This seems to be where gevi got the bulk of their info about him in the blurb you quoted from. There’s also a nice b&w shirtless pic of him just above the obit, as well as both his and Phillip’s real names. No mention of his porn scenes which isn’t surprising. Phillip’s gevi page indicated he died circa 1984 and they may be basing that on the info from Michael’s obit. Not sure why the gevi paragraph [bracketed the name out] like it did but still, knowing their real names might help with finding other info about them or possibly some more pics. Did they do photo sets together, or any separately that you’ve found?

Love the dubbed grunts and moans, that’s brilliant. It’s a thin line between the guys hamming it up too much, which always makes me laugh, and finding that sweet spot where it’s actually hot and effective and enhances the scene.

I have always drooled over Michael and Phillip. In the beginning, I had to keep them both in the same folder until I figured out which one was which.

They are a joy to watch and remind me of other gay porn buddies who seemed to often be seen together in photos and performed together on film. Where does one leave of or the other begin? Like Al Parker and Mike Davis in Timberwolves.

Can anyone else come up with some other gay porn buddies?

A few more examples: Bob Shane and Roy Garrett, which BJ mentioned in his post about Bob a few weeks ago. Also Michael Christopher and Johnny Dawes, an unlikely physical pairing but they played off each other really well in both Skin Deep and Pleasure Beach, and appeared in a few other movies where they had different scene partners, like Doing It. Then there’s Lee Ryder and Rod Phillips who were also real-life and reel-life couples in a number of films. I don’t know that Steve Taylor was ever in a porn film that Al Parker didn’t have something to do with, either as an actor or behind the scenes.

Re Michael and Phillip, I may have found a pic of Michael from when he won the Groovy Guy contest mentioned in his obit linked above:

I say “may have” because the face does look like a match to me, but both the name (Paul Ryan) and the reference to “Super-Man ’78” both would seem to indicate this is not right. However, the site where I found this mentions that the Groovy Guy contest’s reputation was damaged by the news that the 1971 winner, Jimmy Hughes, later raped a bunch of women and was sent to jail in the mid 70s, so they changed the name of the contest a few times before it was eventually discontinued by the early 90s. As for the Paul Ryan name, it could have been just a pseudonym as Michael was for his porn work, certainly in the 70s there would be a stigma against using your real name for anything gay-related. But the obit does seem to be his real name, David Cafferty.

ooooh, Michael Christopher and Johnny Dawes definitely deserve their own post – just the two films – a shame

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