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no one’s beyond repair

Director: Bruce Cam, Forrest Fyre, Chris Harts (1992) (sound quality alert – lower volume, lots of static) – think I fixed sound!

( rerun alert!) previously posted back in 2015

OK, so this isn’t a porno clip, but a porno music video! In what I believe is Al Parker’s last appearance on screen, he introduces this music video, Fast Idle, by R.K. Street, performed by Butch Garland. It shows up at the end of this video by the same name, from Titan Productions (which must be the pre-cursor to Titan Media). Al is not in the porno movie, just here in this clip, sitting atop a car as the camera swirls around him, and the hypnotic love song plays with snippets from the movie – I dare you not to be singing “My heart did a fa-a-ast idle, I had me just o-o-one just chance for survival” by the end of the video! What’s with the 3 directors??!

(yes, yet another video I regret selling years back on eBay!)

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Back in the late 80s, Al cruised me in the Whispering Bushes at the end of Golden Gate Park. (It must’ve been a slow day, honestly!) I thought, “I’m flattered, but gurl…I’ve seen what you’ve done with that dick and with who, and NO THANKS.”

Since Bruce Cam and Chris Harts (aka Robert Kirsch) founded Titan Media in 1995 I’d say that you’re right about Titan Productions being a forerunner to their later studio. Apparently Bruce was one of the many people who directed for Falcon using the pseudonym *Bill Clayton* though I don’t know which films he made for them, likely this would have been 80s and into the early 90s though since he was busy for Titan Media after it started up.

Interesting that there’s an Al connection to Titan then, I never knew that. You can kind of tell that Al was in declining health in this clip, he still looked good but he appeared more gaunt and probably had lost quite a bit of weight by then, since he died later that year :( I’ll try to run a few improvements on the audio in my amateur capacity and if I get it sounding better I’ll post it somewhere and link you to it, to try and get the audio sounding a bit less screechy.

So I transferred the mp4 file from your clip to an mp3, loaded it in my free version of Audacity on my desktop computer and played around with it. I got it sounding a little better but only a little bit, I’m definitely not knocking you because I have always found hooking cords from TVs, VCRs, DVDs etc. (let alone computers) up to speakers or other attachments incredibly hard myself. But there’s a high-pitched shrieking sound in the audio I couldn’t remove, and also the normal peaks and valleys on the Audacity display window are all mashed together in one big lump, which I couldn’t flatten or get to anywhere near as good as it should be. Sorry, I did try though. Since you’ve sold your copy it might be best to be on the lookout for another copy of it online somewhere and try to snag that, hopefully one with stereo sound that would lend it to be enhanced with a better base source.

thnak you for your efforts! It inspired me to look for the movie on line, found it, edited the video, and wah-la (?) – I think it’s better now

Oh that’s dramatically better, both the picture quality and especially the sound. Glad I didn’t spend any more time on trying to improve the old one. Since you mention the music video and song it’s good to have a high quality version here so your readers can hear it without the feedback.

Voilà! :Dà#English

OK, love this!

Zephyr already said everything I know about Bruce Cam and Titan Media. Early Titan was some of the best.

I need to see Fast Idle! It has Bill Marlowe!

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