Clay Russell Jack Wrangler pornoclips

Curb Service

AKA The Hustler

Director: unknown (1976?)

“a hustler goes with just anybody” and other pearls of wisdom from JACK WRANGLER. But where’d the funny accent come from, Jack? As corny as the film can be (Chinese dinner reference? oh, Jack!), there is plenty of JACK WRANGLER and his terrific body (cock) throughout the film. Okay, maybe the last 5 minutes is disappointingly short and clearly missing something.

Curb Service

  • after a few minutes of Jack talking to the camera, he gets to his first client for a “massage”
  • gas station head w/attendant he’s long lusted after
  • donut shop pickup doesn’t work out, so let’s try the local park’s bathroom gloryhole
  • (missing scene – GEVI has it listed as Jack being forced into sex – the next scene Jack refers to returning to the same spot, so I’m confidant my version here is missing this – seems to appear in a compilation tape Guess Who’s Cuming?)
  • picks up gas station attendant hitchhiking, and heads to an appointment with another pair for a foursome – that’s Clay Russell in the leather vest, right?
  • after Jack leaves the 4-way… leaving the gas station attendant with the other 2 excusing himself for another appointment… who shows up but Gas Station Guy! Only 4-5 minutes together, including brief shower scene with an apparently edited-out w/s scene (may well have been all of 20 seconds) and a quick mutual whack off finale and – oh, The End.

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Great ads from LA and San Francisco theaters. I wish I had thought of doing some fuck-theater tourism back them. There are still a few in L.A., but they’ve all lost their mojo. I’ve never been to San Francisco, but they probably still have a few. The ones in New York are the absolute pits, and the one that was sometimes good in Brooklyn closed–it was always so curious way out on Kings Highway, in the most *Halal Meat* neighbourhood you could ever not want to dream of. I had one great experience there, the rest was pretty low-rent and always felt like the end-of-the-world. The Fair in Elmhurt, Queens, is ghastly-filthy, but still exists, I think; I haven’t been there for over 15 years, too gross. I met my late lover there, but I don’t see how it was possible. Some of the stores in Manhattan are infinitely better, and some have combinations of glory hole areas and free-sex areas downstairs. Too many diseased-looking hustlers at most of these though.

OK, that was a gem of a video clip!

The music was a hoot, voiceover Jack (was it even really Jack?) was hysterical. By the end he had practically become Scarlet O’Hara.

Plenty of Jack Wrangler flesh, how can you go wrong? OK, don’t say that because obviously was not a perfect film, but hey, it’s Jack! Oddly Southern, turned-on-by-elevator-music Jack, but still Jack.

Thanks BJ!

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