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The Devil and Mr. Jones

First Avenue Screening Room opened in 1973, but by March of 1975 it was renamed Byron Theatre when it began showing gay porn, opening with The Devil and Mr. Jones. This is cover art for my copy of the video, but, alas, I don’t have a “BETA cover art” category (I don’t have a BETA player; but nabbed this and perhaps 3 or 4 others over the years as the word was that BETA was better quality than VHS.), so shoving this into the VHS, and of course the “pet peeve” category – just check the cover, there’s a large version of the front if you need help with what the pet peeve could be in this case.

previous post, including video clip – The Devil and Mr. Jones – not for the squeamish, if I remember correctly.

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Well one of your biggest pet peeves is when the guy on the box cover isn’t in the film, could that be it? I watched the clip on your previous post, it looked like the guy from the back cover dubbed ‘The Sadist’ was the one doing the fisting (with a studded leather glove? Youch!) but he didn’t really look like the guy from the front cover, who may or may not have been the devil. I’d never seen the movie before, only that clip when you posted it before. And gevi was little help on this film, no real scene or character descriptions. I’ll stick to my guess but I could be wrong.

the cover model has nothing to do with the film –

Target model “REB” – who I don’t think did any movies, and was photographed 1974, 1975, appeared in Javelin #1, Masculin International No. 2 – Males USA (1979). and some photosets; don’t recall ever seeing him paired with anyone…

That last pic you posted of Reb, with the close up of his face, made me kinda swoon. I imagined that he was a painting and the artist made his eyebrows and mustache look similar so that one draws attention to the other. The look in his eyes is very intense as well, and as the full body shot indicates, a very nice looking dick. Winning combination, too bad he apparently only did print work.

Bijou does seem to be the worst offender with just grabbing any old pic from anywhere and slapping it onto the box covers of their vintage re-releases. They aren’t the only one to be sure but they’ve done it regularly over the years and seemingly with impunity. But this is apparently from the original cover by Video Home Library so Bijou is hardly alone.

Look, can I say what we’re all thinking? This should’ve been called “The Devil IN Mr Jones,” right?! Oh. You guys weren’t thinking that? OK, never mind.

I can’t tell you how many tapes (and plastic wrapped mags) I bought over the years based solely on the cover pics. And I was frequently disappointed. I learned the old adage was correct – don’t judge a gay porno on VHS by its cover. That is the saying, right?

If Reb is the devil, please call me Mr Jones! Yum.

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