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Oh, Casey

I was going to crop that, you know, out, but….

from one of the Stallion magazines that featured his advice column

What’s an obit called 30 years later – a remembrance? Regardless, nice link – Casey Donovan and the All-American Boys in the Sand

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Casey was great and had so many great partners. One of my favorite scenes is with him and Victor Houston who fucks him in a grove of trees, Victor cums, and slides his big cock back into Casey’s ass

Jeez, I didn’t even see that dickhead until I read the post! Gotta’ love Casey.

Just one of my favorite scenes: The one from Heatstroke with Clinton Coe. Wasn’t he tied to a tree in the woods?

I loved The Other Side of Aspen. And of course, Boys in the Sand. LA Tool & Die. The list goes on and on.

I want a portrait of myself with a dickhead on my cheek!

I’m pretty sure the scene you’re thinking of was in L.A. Tool & Die, an earlier Gage film. The woman handcuffs Casey’s arms around the trunk of a big tree on that foggy night and steals his car, then Derrick Stanton comes out of the woods, rips Casey’s clothes off and fucks him good, shooting hands-free all over Casey’s butt and sliding back in for more. Then as Casey and Derrick walk away you realize they set the whole scene up and the woman was in on it too. That’s one of the all-time classic vintage scenes as far as I’m concerned.

Ok so who here wants to walk up to Johnny with their dick out and stick it right next to his face for a self portrait, any takers? Aside from me that is ;)

“stick it right next to his face for a self portrait, any takers” – – – I’m sure there’d be a line around the block!

Zephyr! Of course, you are right! Your reward is you can put your dickhead against my cheek. *winky face*

I guess I should’ve looked it up. He was in Heatstroke though, wasn’t he? Not looking it up this time either. Too tired.

He was a sexual beast!

Casey was in Heatstroke, in a scene with Clinton Coe which was the only known scene that Clinton ever did. I haven’t seen that one in a while but I vividly remember Casey’s scene in L.A.Tool and just thought that was what you were describing.

[pulls dick out] ok I’m headed over … ;) (though I think BJ is right and you’re going to have to allot enough time for lots of guys who form the line behind me).

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