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oh, Joe – those balls!

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#1 – Whoa, BJ baby! You know I’m such an egotist! I sometimes think you post these subjects, as bait for me to bite! How can I resist? : )

Hey, I have to give you props. You only listed Ralph Whitaker originally, but then you amended the pop-up tag, to also include Bruce Craig. Now don’t get me wrong. I actually think that Ralph is pretty hot looking. He has a strong resemblance to porn star, Ray Medina / Julio Campas.

It’s pretty hard to tell, because in this Colt loop, his eyes aren’t visible. He wears shades. I looked at his profile on the Colt website. And yes, I was impressed. : )

But I believe that gorgeous Bruce; is the one who deserves the exclamation point! I’ve mentioned him before. Aside from George Payne, he also did a photo-layout with Karl Mann. I don’t want to be redundant, so here’s the link. Be sure to scroll all the way down, when opening all the other links.

I’m certain he could have been a bigger porn star; if he appeared beyond the exclusive ownership of Colt Studio! I distinctly remember he was in the very first Mandate magazine, which I bought. Toward the back cover, there were Colt ads promoting his two movie loops, and print work.

I’m pretty sure he was the first guy I saw, with a nipple ring. Or at least the first one, I can remember. I forgive him – luscious! LOL!

After discovering Gordon Grant in a 1977 Advocate, newspaper promo ad; with this, I made the connection that Colt Studio was indeed, certifiably top-notch – the absolute best! : 0

I was so overwhelmed with awe and desire, that I could feel myself leaking with pre-cum! Every time I see him, I want to fuck him so bad, it hurts – stud muffin! : P

His creamy skin is so candied, that he almost looks edible – delicious! I almost feel, like I could snarf him in a single gulp! LOL!

Your posted picture is from “The Senses Taker (1979)”. Below – click on the third picture icon down, located at the right. This erotic angel is divine – his long lashes and full mouth!

(I hope to God these links work!)

Here’s a hot picture of Ralph licking him, from “The Senses Taker”:

Good Luck! – If the one above doesn’t work, there’s this one:



Why didn’t he make more films! Such a waste! : (

His only other loop was also released in 1979. It’s called “Grease Monkeys”, with Big Max and Tom Blake. I think it’s hotter than his duo with Ralph.

Now don’t confuse this Colt loop, with the full-feature film from Jaguar Productions; called “The Grease Monkeys”, with Nick Rodgers, Lee Marlin, and Kip Noll. That also came out in 1979. Can you believe it?

Ah, Bruce Craig is one of those hotties; who manage to look both cute and beautiful, at the same time! Playing a mechanic, he wears a jeans and a work-cap, where he looks absolutely adorable! : )

(I hope these links work!):

Of course, the inevitable three-way happens. Here he is sandwiched between Big Max and Tom!

This time Big Max is munching on him!

Whew! Glad that’s out of my system! : )

I now forgive you, for giving him short-shrift. You posted a picture of him, and THAT’S what important! I truly appreciate, and commend you for that – grateful! Hope you do it again! : )

Thank you for this gushy indulgence!

; )

Thanks to Obsessed for all the great pics! I love The Senses Taker too, and agree with your assessment of its stars. I too wish that they had both done more films.

Ralph Whitaker is the one I am obsessed with – probably because there is so little photographic stills of him! one film, and a handful of pics!

Bruce Craig ain’t bad – for a blond! (heehee) just teasing, he is very sexy

1) I love that photo from “The Senses Taker” because of its composition. The way Bruce Craig’s torso is curved almost like an S with his legs open wide. It’s like he’s writhing around under Whitaker’s hanging dick and balls trying to get in the best position to swallow it like a baby bird!

2) Love me some Joe Marconi. Don’t recognize his buddy right now. That’s from “The Arena Collection” mag isn’t it?

3) That’s a steaming hot set of nuts and bolt on Joe Reeves. Simply perfect!

Thanks BJ!

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