"vintage" porn stars Clay Russell

pool party


from Clay Russell and Butch McAlister

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Ha! POOL party. I get it. Cuz’ they’re playing pool in both pictures. Nice.

Perfect dick on Clay in the first one. Perfect dick in Butch in the 2nd one.

Happy 4th to you!

Butch McAlister / John Towers / Stash Pulaski, whichever name he used he was a total fantasy for me. I remember him best from two of the scenes he did with Clay, the one in Nova’s Under Construction called Head For The Showers; and then the too-short scene in the pickup in Boys Of Venice. It seems Butch was fairly short, but that turns me on if the guy is as masculine as he clearly is. Gevi says he was a Marine which seems likely just based on his look then, nice dick on him too, but what always captures my attention is his amazing looking ass, perfectly proportioned to his muscular frame. No wonder Clay took him right on top of the pool table in the second pic! Since he and Clay made multiple scenes and magazine shoots together maybe they were a real life couple too, like Bob Shane and Roy Garrett, or else just good fuck buddy friends who liked to be partnered up in porn.

One of the posts you did that I found at your Butch link above has a comment by someone, saying that Butch is still around, I hope that’s true. I was still too young to do anything other than lust after guys like him when these pics and scenes were made in the late 70s and early 80s, but if I had a time machine I’d like a 20-something version of me to travel back and spend some quality time with Butch and his butt.

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