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from the Cosco Studios magazine Mustang II, (1979) – magazine also includes Big Iron with Stan & Mike

and the short film Waterhole (1979) – starring Dan Pace (aka Rocky Genero ) & Clint

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Whoa, BJ baby! I’m certain as hell; that we connect through psychic energy! : 0

You know that I never come to your “parties”, empty handed! Once again, I’ve had a link that I wanted to share with you, pertaining to both “Clint (Cosco)” and Cosco Studios.

(I hope it works! You can enlarge!)

I was going to post my fresh link, to your previous post about “Water Hole”, but this one is even better! What a great array of photos! Thanks! : P

It’s always so important that a porn studio, have the perfect promo, selling tagline! Especially, if like me; you’re a self-described “Alpha Hunter” or “Androphile”!

Colt Studios: “If the look is masculine, the name is Colt”. (!)
Target Studio: “Where the MEN are…” (!)
Cosco Studios: “Damn Good Men!” (!) Indeed! LOL!

It’s interesting that initially, Cosco celebrated mature, macho looking men. Over the years though, they evolved to pretty much the standard porn, collegiate-age type, like everyone else. : (

Clint (Cosco) wasn’t handsome, but he was undeniably masculine – blue collar! I even like his “dad’s bod” physique! Why only one film? : (

He had a regular “Joe Schmoe” mug, like other porn “working-class stiffs”; such as Butch McAlister/John Towers, Max Sargent, Scott Cooper, Marc West, Dale Savage, Mickey Squires, Moose, Jack Hacker, Gunner Hyde, Ed Wiley, Holtz, Josh West, Sergeant Miles, and etc. etc.

Johnny-My Pet-Llama calls these types, “rough diamonds”. : )

I’m always delighted to hear when a gay porn star, reveals he was in the military!

Whenever the gay stereotype is shattered, I cheer! YES! So Clint (Cosco), definitely scores more points, in my book! So, I’ll tolerate his tattoo! : )

We’ve had performers in all-male porn, who were also in law enforcement, firemen, rodeo riders, played sports in school, body building, boxing, and even played in UFC MMA! Bravo! : 0

Not all homosexual men are queens or sissies! : /

But you can go ahead and call me one; since I love when macho men express affection, to each other – gay or straight! I wish Rocky Genero/Dan Pace wasn’t so “tradey”, but he at least, kissed! : )

#1 – Nice photo: Dan looks hot – wet or dry! That prominent brow – rugged Italians, are forever!

#4 – This photo doesn’t appear in the porn loop! Wow, did Rocky fuck Clint, missionary style? Was it cut out, in the final print? I do wish that Clint was hard, while anticipating entry. : (

#5 – Here, I love that Clint is fondling Dan’s balls, to enhance his pumping pleasure! : )

But the loop doesn’t show when Dan, initially enters him – money shot! When porn doesn’t show this “hydraulic piston” sequence, I can’t help feeling, cheated! : (

Oh well, it’s still a hot loop! Macho men fucking each other! What’s not to like? : )

Okay, enough with my bloviating! Here’s page 27, of the August 1979 issue, of Honcho Magazine! Don’t they look great together? What’s their inside story? Did they know each before – lovers or fuck buddies? Or were they just friends?

Inquiring minds, want to know! : D

*SIGH* Nice to know that Dan Pace was capable of tenderness. Macho men never go out of style! : )

Keep them coming, and cumming! : P

So many great posts! So little time! : )

; )

Very nice, Obsessed! I’d forgotten about that photoset in Honcho. Very nicely showcases Dan Pace & Clint, who is indeed a “rough diamond!”

This is a super-hot pairing! Not only because Dan Pace is such a macho daddy, but I like Clint, with whom I am less familiar. But when I check my files on Dan Pace, I see the Honcho photoset which is from the same set as appears in the Mustang II mag.

I am very curious about this magazine. I have Cosco’s Mustang 1, but not this one. I can’t find it on AM either.

The search continues!

Terrific post! Thanks, BJ!

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