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thighs n stuff


porno pet peeves? yes. look closely

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I’ve never been the biggest Scott Randsome fan. I think it was just because the ’90s were full of hairless, clean shaven, muscle guys like this. I usually gravitated towards the few hairy porn stars of the time.

But here I think he looks damn hot. Yes, those thighs. I’d rather they not look like they’ve been shaved, but some men just don’t have hairy legs. His dick is delicious. His beefy muscles and thug-look definitely appeal.

Porno peeves? Bad haircut? I never liked his hair.

He’s got the sexy boots and sox. Dick shadow. Don’t you like that BJ?

Shaved/waxed torso? Again, maybe he was just naturally hairless?

His pubes look pretty natural (or am I not looking closely enough?) No postage stamp Hitler stache pubes here. They may be trimmed, but not badly.

Shaved balls? I personally don’t mind that. I know how goooood it feels. However, in photos I do like so see ALL the bush and hairy nuts are hot.

What do you see, BJ? Where’s the porno crime?

I was going to guess that he could be sucking in his stomach, which is a big no-no for our dear blogmaster. Maybe he’ll tell us if we beg and ask pretty-please?

I don’t like his hair much either Johnny, but it was a popular style at the time. His head doesn’t look big enough for his body, that’s what makes me think he’s not as hot as a lot of other actors from that era. Great dick though, I wouldn’t mind test driving that.

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