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Mike Cole

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Finding The Way – (1978) – (from the How the West Was One loops) ???
  • Cellblock – (1979) – with Hal Drake
  • Flesh and Fantasy – (1980) – Overtime Training – aka Workshop
  • Flesh and Fantasy – (1980) – Reflections of Love

No idea where or why MIKE COLE was getting mixed up with Keith Anthoni – let’s save that for another time. But, at the same time, not sure this early 8mm film and magazine called How the West Was One could be Mike (or Keith, for that metter). Last few pics at bottom – opinions? (OK – just as i hit “publish” I found it is a different guy – duh! – the other Mike Cole)

Mike Cole at Gay Erotic Video Index
previously on BJland: senses working overtime

here’s a taste, from Cellblock – (1979)

who you may also remember from such magazines as:

  • How The West Was One (???)
  • Cellblock (1979)
  • Overload – glossy featuring photos from the films contained in Flesh and Fantasy
  • Skinflicks Vol. 1 No. 5 – (1981) – possibly in Flesh and Fantasy feature

One reply on “Mike Cole”

Good job sorting out these two Mike Coles!

I never even knew the Nova Mike Cole existed. I also don’t totally get the confusion between Mike Cole & Keith Anthoni. I suppose there is a resemblance. Who knows?!

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