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Tony and Tom

Tony LaVerga AKA Tom Ronka – was only in 2 films.
2 films! so we get 2 names, right? – We got Wrestling Meat 2 (1983) with Tony La Verga and then we got Intruders (1984) with Tom Ronka.

While most (all but one) of these pics are from a magazine called Friday Night Workout, from his Wrestling Meat 2 appearance, I only had film footage of his 3-way with Brad Phillips (arguably, Brad peaked in 1984, with this appearance and his performance in Moving Van – but I digress)…. where was I? Oh, 3-way with Tom, Brad, and of course Jimmy Metz to share with you. Jimmy, who you’ll see stumbles upon the pair doing it, decides he needs to rub his crotch, watch and then…. don’t wanna spoil the ending! My “discovery” of Tom/Tony actually happened while I was looking at Mike Kelly pics and I thought – what a nice ass! – when I realized it was Tony’s, er Tom’s, ass I was drooling over…..and then the thick cock, can’t ignore that ‘stache, and well, see for yourself. (Those of you who know this film, will notice I edited out the first few minutes, because – EGAD JEEZ – is inter-spliced after Brad and Tom enjoy each other poolside – I mean, come on – it’s not just that I don’t care for Jheri-curled Dyson’s look, it isn’t even the same level of quality film-making….ok, I could go on…)

These are from Intruders; I couldn’t get as good of photos of Tony/Tom

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re: Brad Phillips – he was certainly younger, fresher faced and had a more natural build in his two early films, The Company We Keep and Intruders. When he returned and made quite a few films in the late 80s and early 90s he was more roided out, and in his case since we can compare what he had looked like a few years before it was rather noticeable. Scanning his titles I remember his from Touch Me, The Rites Of Spring and Undercover, I generally liked him in the scenes he was in, but I’d agree that the way he looked earlier was hotter to me too.

I do wonder about that gap though, there are any number of reasons why a guy would do some porn, take an extended break and then come (cum?) back for more. Money of course is an obvious motivation for a guy changing his mind and maybe figuring, well everybody’s already seen me, why not do it some more? I know there have been cases where a guy goes to prison for some time, and that’s the explanation for the gap in between scenes, one recent example (way too recent for your blog) is Jarec Wentworth aka Teofil Brank, who is now out of jail and ‘shaking his cans on only fans’ now that he served his time for the extortion that landed him in hot water.

Have you ever done a post about Michael Brandon? I remember noticing him in a few gay films in the very late 80s, of course his ‘monster’ dick before he decided to name it that himself was always his biggest draw. Moreso than his bod or face, though neither were terrible. Anyway he spent quite a bit of the 90s in prison which explained his rather long hiatus away from porn, and then of course when he came back in the late 90s and especially the 00s he was everywhere. Before blowing that up with his meth addiction apparently, there was an interesting article from 2008 in a SF newspaper about his struggles and court proceedings:

No denying his sex appeal as a result of that huge dick of his, just wondering if he ever landed on your radar as I know there are a handful of times you’ve inched into the 90s here with your posts.

[to be continued]

I’m glad you included the pic of the three of them together in Intruders, so this was the scene where Jimmy had his stash. Which he shaved off for the other threeway later. Also glad you eliminated Keith Dyson and his baby oil from the above clip, we’ve commisserated about how those intercut scenes kinda ruin that version of Intruders.

By the way I found an ad for Intruders in one of the mid 80s magazines I was scrolling through, it was available as a VHS or Betamax version so that confirms there was a copy of the movie before Fox re-released it in 1988, with the Keith scenes woven in. That would seem to be rarer than the version that has circulated more widely post-88, and for a few reasons would be the one I’d rather see. I’ve mentioned this before, gevi has credited Patrick Cowley for the music in Intruders, and at least in the ‘copyright 1988’ version with the Keith scenes, that doesn’t sound like Cowley at all in that copy. Who knows where Woody at gevi got that Cowley did the music in Intruders too, it might be an error to begin with, or even recycled music from School Daze or one of the other known films his music was in. But on the off chance there’s some unheard Cowley music floating around out there, that would be a big reason to try and find an original copy of it, for me anyway.

Finally, I would love to have a time machine and travel back to wherever Jimmy Metz was, stash or no, and spend some quality time with him. Great body, cute face, amazing ass and quite a hefty piece up front, we’d be having lots of fun ;)

“an ad for Intruders in one of the mid 80s magazines I was scrolling through, it was available as a VHS or Betamax version so that confirms there was a copy of the movie before Fox re-released it in 1988” EXCELLENT!!! I was going to ask where/when, but dug around and found one with NO MENTION OF…. but yes to TOM RONKA – NOW – to find an earlier version without Keith!

ugh – and to think the “MANNET” review quoted by GEVI – “Any porn movie that managed to get bronzed, muscular hunk Keith Dyson out of his pants is worth its salt…” – just ugh!

hmmmmm – no Tony or Tom?? – OK – let’s jump str8 to the other stuff. “gaps” in porn resume – ya know, first, I just don’t get too interested in their personal lives – like musicians, I focus on what I am hearing, and if they make another great album, yeah! and yes, if I like a good pornformance, would like to see another, but if that’s it., that’s it. So whether they are in jail, bar tending, meh. But if I were to add my 2 cents, I’d add that most – MOST – porn models dabble, get a few bucks, maybe do some escorting as well, but its a bridge to something else – pays a few bills, or strokes an ego. Back to Brad – I wouldn’t have noticed a “gap” without consulting GEVI – I just remember really enjoying the other film for BUCKSHOT as a standout performance, and then it seemed he got Falconified…. and was just one of dozens, hundreds who were OK at the moment they were on the screen, but nothing I’d get excited about afterwards or seek to find more of.

Michael Brandon – um, student in The Slutty Professor, huge cock, pleasant face, a bit hairy and huge cock. he’s fine, but no one who’s grabbed my interest beyond the moment he may have appeared on the TV monitor. Oh wait, here we go a mention of him way way back – oh, just part of a long list of eBay auctions cancelled becuase I violated some silly rule!

You found a larger Intruders ad than I did, the one I saw is a column ad from the July 1985 issue of Inches (towards the end, just before the spread of David Ashfield):

If you either have that in a box in your porn dungeon, or run across the original version, please either do a post about it or let me know. Like I said, that would be interesting to compare the two versions, with and without Steve Sanders from 90210.

I neglected to mention the subjects of your post here, though I picked up on your own sidetrack to talking about Brad Phillips. Tom had a nice and long dick himself, I enjoyed both the threeways Jimmy was in in Intruders, but I think Jimmy was hotter to me than any of his scene partners. Though the blond guy from the second one at the cabin, where Jimmy shaved first, Paul Becker (who I know you’ve posted pics of before) was quite a stud to me as well, especially in that scene.

I thought of another performer who had a gap of a few years between films, that being Dave Connors. Who apparently came back to doing porn shortly before he died, and was of course in some very well known scenes – One In A Billion and Biggest One I Ever Saw being two of the most iconic. It does make me wonder sometimes, what reasons there may have been why a guy goes a few years out of the adult biz then makes a comeback, if it’s for the money or some other reason.

You made me chuckle by linking to the 1.0 version of your blog, and being placed in an ebay holding cell due to including some extra naughty bits and not fully censoring the images or descriptions of your sales. And it was Michael Brandon’s fault, no wonder you have ignored him! I seem to remember The Slutty Professor, that was when he made his comeback and was all over porn – I even remember driving to a gay bar in Denver in the early 00s, because the gay rag newspaper said Michael was making an appearance at the Triangle, which is what passed for a leather bar (nothing like its heyday in the 80s and 90s though). Signing autographs, selling his latest DVDs, etc. So I figured what the hell, drove down there … and the damn line just to get inside the bar was outside the building and halfway down the block! I didn’t even go in, I wasn’t going to elbow guys out of my way just to see him no matter how big his dick was, and is.

But “huge cock, pleasant face, a bit hairy and huge cock” is a pretty apt description of his appeal. It was a few of his films from his late 80s / early 90s first go round in the biz, that I remember the most, he was even scrawnier then but that made his cock stand out all the more. Ranger Nick (which I reviewed on reddit) and then Air Male sounds familiar too. I remember running across that article from 2008 and wondering about him, it’s sad when someone’s personal demons get that much in the way of their careers, though quite common in porn.

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