90's porn pornoclips

sword swallowers, etc

Over The Top – Alex Carrington + buddy

(more text here:) blah blah blah a compilation of autofellatio?

(some text on Hank Hightower = where is this solo from?)

OK, the setup: Rex Chandler is in jail, falls asleep, and dreams of 4 guys claiming to be the biggest – (notice he’s not in the scene – HA!) – of course, they forget to actually try to demonstrate who IS, but we all know it’s DICK MASTERS, right? previously: name-of-game-is-high-card (OK OK, this is 1989, but close enough) oops – forgot to include name of video – Heat in the Night (1989)

Tom Howard in a scene from Muscleforce, – paired with Cole Faulkner in what may be his only video performance.

SHIFTIN’ GEARS with my favorite cop, Phil Bradley – Just look at the way he wiggles his cute, delicious, tasty, hairy, musclebutt around on Shawn Austin’s grateful face in this clip!

Nick Romano spots Steve Regis in this scene from Cruising Park

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re: Hank, he was in so many films (101 according to gevi, and that’s if you hide the compilations) that it would be harder to place for him than guys who made fewer scenes. I saw the box cover for Easy Prey has him wearing an armband as his is in your clip, but he’s standing in front of a fence and not wearing the rest of his gear. Just a blind guess:

well, i did look at your suggestion, but that movie he’s not doing a solo – someday some Hank fan will show up and help us out!

Hi BJ—I knew I had that Hank Hightower video. It’s a 1995 video from BIC Productions titled Muscles.
Mystery solved!

Rex Chandler is really straight so it makes sense he doesn’t appear in the fantasy. Maybe he wanted more money to appear? They were really promoting Rex Chandler in 1989-1990. He’s a police officer now.

Dick Masters is missed.

alas – I posted the wrong clip! I meant to post this scene, but the intro with each guy talking about how huge their cocks are – guess I have another post to draft!

“the name of the game is high card”

Hank Hightower was active in 1990’s & has over hundred films to his name; he never turned down any work. Trying to pin this solo will be difficult.

Hightower worked for the high end companies to the mid-level porn companies. Most of those smaller porn companies are now out of business or consolidated into other companies now. For instance, Catalina now consists of All Worlds & Channel 1 Releasing imprints & Falcon Studios gobbled up Hot House Entertainment & Raging Stallion Studios.

Wow, there’s a lot to process here! Lots of hot ’90s men. Some of my favorites. Hank Hightower, Tom Howard, and I had such a hardon for Steve Regis!

Thanks for all the filthy clips. Love it!

I’m interested in seeing if you find where that Hank Hightower was from ? I think I may have it on VHS. I’m new here but literally have an entire closet full of mags, vhs and a few dvds mostly from the 90s that haven’t been touched in years. It would take weeks for me to find one specific scene. Also, never been sure why but Nick Romano has always been a favorite ! Thank for putting all of this up for people like me to enjoy !

if you scroll up, you’ll see that JIM R got it – It’s a 1995 video from BIC Productions titled Muscles.

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