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BAD BRAD BRAVERMAN (1995) – gosh, I remember he worked with Aiden Shaw, that pulled me in! but director Brad Braverman stood out for his moody editing – sheesh, did i sell all of the handful of tapes I had of his?

Hot Cops 3 (1997) – with lovely Kyle McKenna (who’d make anyone wanna be a top) and dildobuddy Matt Bradshaw

Boot Black II (1995) “meet me in the backroom…” Rob Cryston is the “star” in this sequel..

BootBlack II (1995) “meet me in the backroom…” apparently, I liked the Donnie Russo scene the best – sold the tape but saved no Aiden Shaw clip?

Military Secrets (1997) from notorious Bobby Garcia – I know he did more than the 15 titles listed at GEVI, like this one, credited to FHB – Frat House Boys Productions – garsh I sold a lot of these! Similar to Old Reliable – military guys just wanting to make a couple bucks….

CLOSE SHAVE director: Ray Zor (1988) – From a collection of seemingly run-of-the-mill solos, but with shaving-yer-crotch added, this final scene makes it a bit more, um, interesting?

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Loved the boot black series. Lots of great memories when I saw the clips of that scene. Didnt Zac Spears star in the first? Any clips of that? Zac in his pre steroid glory!

yes, Zak is in the first; alas I have neither movie (just had these clips before I sold them off!) any longer. Wolf was in that, too. Beer pouring scene I remember was hot

Book Black 2: Spit shine!

I hated the ’90s in general for gay porn, but I admit there were many exceptions. This video (and it’s predecessor) was one.

Of course, the Donnie Russo scene was your favorite! We love Donnie Russo. We love Donnie Russo being worshipped. And he was in a cop uniform! That ‘stache is so thick and he’s spouting all that filthy talk. Mmmm.

Of course, Aiden Shaw being worshipped is pretty damn good also!

Damn, you’ve got me again! All I can think about is re-watching these. You bastard you!

Great clips (I really only watched the Boot Black ones), but just great!


re: Hot Cops 3, I remember both of those guys from some of the magazines and films they did. Matt Bradshaw ws always firmly in my middle of the pack, nice dick and face, but I thought he was rather average looking otherwise.

Kyle McKenna though, whoa he was extremely fine, most especially his butt. As you said, he’d make anyone want to top him, even the biggest bottom at the bathhouse that night. And from what I could tell, Kyle was eager to please as many guys as he could. His face almost gives me a Chris Isaak vibe, maybe not Chris’s nose but there’s a similarity there.

I knew a guy sorta well in the 90s, he had a similar build and look and it was always hard not to eye fuck him every time I saw him. Just, oozes sex appeal. Kyle’s dick was nice too (and looked wonderful inside that leather strap in the clip) but his ass was the center of attention, he knew it and so did everyone who saw it.

Sadly I guess Kyle took his own life in 2001 I think, I talked about him a bit when I reviewed Das Butt which he was in. I’d rather remember him as he was and fantasize about how he looked in his prime, than dwell on the reality.

Das Butt – love that title – don’t remember anything but having sold it – gosh, searching my harddrive for Kyle McKenna i get 2 results, the same pic! But 20+ auction files, and knowing how i had to view everything before I sold it, I’m sure i got some nice time with Kyle. I’m with you on the remembering… not to be cold, but I dig porn for the fantasy, so bios, etc aren’t usually interesting to me – of course, it IS terribly sad about him.

Most of the time I agree with you as far as the ‘whatever happened to’ kinds of thoughts, though with exceptions. Those people who are still alive for instance, George Payne or Paul Barresi, that interests me to a point so long as it’s not invasive of their privacy.

But I’m about to contradict myself, do you remember the story of the murder of porn actor Billy London in 1990? He was in Head Of The Class (the first one) and a few other films, somewhat short and blond and had just branched out into directing. Parts of his body were found in WeHo, the case went cold for over 30 years, but read this:

Turns out someone has confessed to murdering Billy, and it was another porn actor too! If his confession is to be believed, which there are reasons to doubt. But the person claiming he murdered Billy London went by Billy Houston in films like The Devil & Danny Webster. It doesn’t look like they were ever in a film together so unknown how or even if they knew each other before the night BL was killed. But BH has been in jail in Oklahoma for over ten years for two other murders.

Somebody messaged me on reddit when I reviewed Devil & Danny Webster last year, asking me questions and trying to revive the cold case, and it seems it’s now been solved. This is like a true crime mystery or something and the woman who made the Circus of Books doc a few years ago is working on a doc about this too. Just thought I’d mention it in case it interested you, neither performer is really the type of guy you talk about here much but for the subject matter if nothing else.

And as for Kyle McKenna, that Acervo blog had a few of his photo spreads from Honcho, Inches and the like, if you search for his name as a tag you’ll find a few sets with him. Yeah I’d rather in his case, to just stick to who he was and how he looked for the fantasy aspect, and let him live on that way. So I guess I’m like Whitman, contradicting myself, “I am large, I contain multitudes” I wish I’d had a go with Kyle though, damn he was sexy.

Swinging back for another comment on this post, since you left a few clips here from Boot Black 2. I just reviewed both Boot Blacks tonight, if you feel like reading lots of words about them:

Did you know that the first one was filmed at The Eagle in L.A., before they moved to where it’s been for almost 30 years now? And the second was shot at the Faultline (formerly the Stud) which I don’t think survived covid, unfortunately.

Both are pretty good, my favorite scene from the first one is scene 3, the all-oral pairing of Tanner Reeves and Brett Ford, especially when they unload on each other’s faces (but have to be careful not to get any in their mouths). Runner-up would be the first scene with Daryl Brock and Dallas Taylor.

For the sequel I especially liked the scene with York Powers and Cliff Parker (scene 4) who also had lots of hot sex together in Titan’s River Patrol the same year. The Aiden Shaw scene with Alex Kincaid is the first one and it is quite good too, Aiden produces a lot of pre-cum, which I find very erotic. That scene with Donnie as the cop that you did a couple of clips for is all right but it does seem you should have snagged at least Aiden too. Ah well, we can’t go back in time (again, unfortunately).

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