edith head where r u?

Fade In (1984), from director Roger Earl – this is scene 3, with Chris Allen, Scott Clark – who is, apparently, the ‘Grim Reaper’. While I likely sat through this scene, and the entire movie, many times during my porno theater years, I still don’t know why the crazy outfits!

and yes, you remember correctly, last year I posted all 68 minutes of Fade In

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Fade Out (1984) & Fade In (1984) are companion films that mix reality with fantasy. Half of the porn stars are in the each film. Scott Clark has a non-sexual role in Fade Out. There’s a twist ending with Fade Out. Fade In is first followed by Fade Out.

Fade Out shows scenes from Fade In at the end. The fortune teller ends up fucking Chris Allen with Roger Earl making commentary at the end of the film. Throughout Fade Out, Chris Allen is wondering naked through the fun house, but he’s fully clothed with fortune teller.

Allen may be wondering naked through the fun house to explain his appearances in Fade In.

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