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Masculin International 11

from photographer Roy Blakey – he’s got the entire issue, Masculin International 11. FYI, I did NOT crop the model’s head off the top pic, it came that way, and it happens to be the best picture in the series; next is the t-shirt I now MUST HAVE; and then, the magazine’s cover. No model name; there are others in the magazine I recognize, like Roy Garrett, Jeff Stone, Joe Porcelli (who I think went by “Paul” when he was in these Masculin International magazines)

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I knew you’d want that t-shirt!

I’d put money on that headless model in the first pic (amazing) being the same man as the cover guy.

You know, I usually prefer a plain white jock or undies, (particularly over all the designer underwear we see today), but the red jock really works in that photo. I love the use of color.

Great post!

ha! yes, it’s all the same guy; perhaps I didn’t say that explicitly? Blakey did some nice work, and bold colored outfits with bold backgrounds is one of his touches

No, you pretty much did.

Besides, I figured it out for myself when I looked at my set of scans, (which I may have gotten from you?) It’s a great mag, and that guy is very hot.

Now we just need the rest of the Masculin series! (The ones we don’t already have I mean)

That jock looks pink to me. I have a red one, white one, and 2 black ones in exactly that style. I wear jocks at all times, they feel so good. I used to like “delicate ones” and even “commando” ones I’d wear at the beach. But I now prefer these and they’re better than swimsuits because I like to show my whole naked ass and open the cheeks and show off my asshole from time to time.

You sure know damn well what items every man’s wardrobe should consist of. LOL. At the end of PICNIC, when Betty Field is pleading with her not to run away with Hal, she says, “He’ll cheat on you, he won’t get a job, he’ll drink, he’ll beat you,” and Kim Novak turns her, flat as an ironing board, and says, “Oh mom, you don’t love a man because he’s PERFECT!”

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