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Steve Henson

You might be surprised to see a vidography of Steve Henson – he’s “OK” but not my usual type – still isn’t! But when I came across this scan of his butthole, and someone’s (presumably the scanning person) pubic hair on the pic, I couldn’t resist

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Like a Horse – (1984)
  • The Pizza Boy: He Delivers – (1984)
  • Inch by Inch – (1985)
  • The Other Side of Aspen 2 – (1985)
  • Giants – (1987)
  • Men of Size – (1987) – compilation – might not even have him in it!
  • View to a Thrill – (1989)

Like A Horse (Huge Video, 1984) – REDDIT REVIEW

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Thanks for the link. I reviewed most of his original films in fact, which is just dumb luck and not out of overpowering lust or anything. He was all right, hot ass and liked it plugged on film from the looks of it. Men Of Size might be all or at least part compilation though I don’t know what scenes they took of his for that one.

He had a vague Tom Cruise quality to him, especially his face that I see most in pics like the main one on his gevi page that you linked above. LOL at the pubic hair (or maybe an eyelash but I like your assumption better) on that first pic though, I bet a lot of guys never noticed that.

MEN OF SIZE – I meant to check that out before posting, and while I think you are correct that it’s a compilation – in my notes from selling a copy in 2006, Mike’s not in it!

You mean Steve, right? Got your 80s Henson’s mixed up maybe, unless there was another Mike we were talking about earlier.

Maybe you had the dreaded ‘Midnight Men’ edit of Men Of Size, do your notes show how long it was? Gevi says the original L.A. Video Corp. version ran 80 minutes, but doesn’t give a length for the 1994 Midnight Men release. And we both know how much they butchered almost everything they touched.

I was never that big a fan either, but that top pic is really hot! With or without the hair, which I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out.

Henson was a good-looking guy, I just like ’em a little big more rough around the edges. Imagine how hot if that asshole was a little hairier? But it’s still pretty damn hot as it is. I like that scruff on his belly in the 2nd pic.

That final scene of “Like a Horse” looks really intense as well.

Thanks BJ!

Steve Henson thought he could use his gay porn fame to become a mainstream male model. It didn’t happen. His gay porn became an obstacle in the model industry. #irony

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