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SA-03 (slides) PA-03 (b/w prints)

but…. maybe not this pair?

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I don’t know the date for the Target slides/photo sets, but I agree that the mag “Ten Inch Tools” was published way later, long after Target folded. They don’t even give Target any credit, just mentioning the “Bullet” men. I suspect that was part of the deal.

Regarding that 4th photo, my notes on this mag say that I came to the same conclusion as you BJ. I wasn’t certain if those two were the same pair or not. Looking at it now, I think not. Considering that this mag is all recycled pics, even the publishers may not have known.

Jimmy and Steve are super hot though. Wish I knew more about them.

Thanks BJ!

Fourth photo comes from a Target series called “The Hayloft.” Models are Dino (with kerchief) and Joe. Apparently Dino also went by Franco. A magazine ad “Coming Up” posted by Target says “The Hayloft” will be in Javelin. I have a few scans from Javelin #1 with this duo (including kerchief and vest with eagle). I also found 9 B/Ws from this series (probably on E-Bay). None of them are identical with your posted color photo but the attire and loft scene are the same. Dino apparently also did a solo series Target PC-2 (kerchief but denim vest) and a video with Rusty called “Screen Test” (Target VC-8 (200 ft Super 8) and VC-48 (regular 8 mm)). The model Joe looks suspiciously like Lou Thomas (owner of Target). He modeled in a Colt series of about the same time called Slave Labor and he looks very much like Joe.

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