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oh, Max!

So I’m working on a Max Montoya videography post, but once I re-watched this scene from Gayracula (and looked at a few publicity stills that oddly never made it into the Supernatural Studs magazine based on the film) I knew I had to make this it’s own post. Y’all know how much I love this film – check out more Gayracula on BJland – and I know many of you get into Doug Weston, Max’s co-star in this scene from the 1983 film. I mean, my god, Max – those dangling balls are awesome! Enjoy!

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You do know that Gayracula was written and narrated by Bruce Vilanch? Under a pseudonym, of course. He talks about it in several interviews.

Damn it! This is what I get, for procrastinating! I wanted to be the one, to give you this exclusive! But I have a hard time prioritizing, which of your posts, I should respond to first!

Roy is indeed right! Thanks Roy! I first heard about this on Retro Studs! Thank you Buck Naked! I recognized Bruce’s voice, in the narration! From the beginning, I’ve always noticed how the writing in “Gayracula (1983)” was so literate!

Bruce Vilanch is a national treasure – so witty! He appreciates all-male porn! He’s not afraid to admit it! I told you, he wrote the forward to “Out of the Blue” by Blue Blake! He did an interview with Michael Lucas!

Have you heard the story, of when Bruce first met Jeff Stryker? As he’s shaking Stryker’s hand, he parodies his tired, verbal schtick by saying to Jeff: “Look at my big hand! What a big hand! You LIKE that big hand?” LOL!

; )

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