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Vince Bruno

(furry, on the left) who you may remember from such films as:

  • Peter the Peeker – (1971) – AKA Gay Pride???
  • Deadly Blows – (1971 or 1975)
  • Boys of Barabas – (1971)
  • Forced! AKA Forced Entry – (1971)
  • Inmates – AKA Confessions of an Inmate ?
  • “The Boxer, the Trainer, the Biker” found in Palace of Pleasures – (1981)
  • Head Boss found in The Boys of San Francisco – (1981)

Vince Bruno (AKA Duro Sudd, Vic Bruno on Letterboxd) – nearly impossible to find good solo still shots of this furry beast. And the movies listed above, will likely need a good edit. That VINEGAR SYNDROME has remastered Boys of Barabas has me intrigued, plus a bit pissed that I missed the limited release. sigh

clip from Deadly Blows

clip from The Boys of San Francisco

who you may remember from such publications as:

  • SKINFLICKS Vol 1 No 2 – (1981) – Palace of Pleasures feature
  • Big Boss – from The Boys of San Francisco
  • Palace of Pleasures

One reply on “Vince Bruno”

Delicious cock and balls in that first photo! He is a hairy beast indeed. Love it.

I also like his scene partner, identified (sort of) by GEVI as “Mark Jordan.” There’s nothing else about him. I guess this was his only appearance.

Anyway, great profile. Thanks for the video clips!

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