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July 31, 2010


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“you guys have nothing better to do than arrest two faggots having a good time…”

directed by: Al Parker (1985)
Starring: Pierce Daniels, Alex Lago, Blake Cass, Daniel Holt, David Ashfield, Eric Ross, Rex, Rich Parsons, Shawn Roberts, Rick Taylor, Tico Patterson (cameos by: Al Parker & Steve Taylor)

July 30, 2010


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turns from warm to cold

July 29, 2010

is kissing essential to successful lovemaking?

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from; Homosexual Sexuality Photo Illustrated (1970)

July 28, 2010

rocks v. rocksoff

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sometimes postcards can be more than the very cool basic “wish you were her” sentiment, but also make you WANT to be in that place. Here, I had no idea Nova Scotia had such a cool coastline, and I would totally want to pull my boots on and jump around those rocks; then again, I had no idea the boys in Rehobeth Beach run through the woods whacking off like this young man.


maybe i can get Rehobeth boy to run around the rocks in Nova Scotia whacking off?

July 27, 2010

“oh my god, it’s gordon grant”

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My apologies if you were at the Sunday 3pm showing of The Kids Are Alright at Chelsea Cinemas when I loudly gasped – Oh My God – IT’S GORDON GRANT!!

Later, sitting in the dark theater after the film ended and the credits rolled, I was disappointed that they listed “Best of COLT vol 3 and 4”, the collection, not the actual film, Colt Films’ Flatbed . But still, how often do you get to see GORDON GRANT on the big screen these days??!

July 26, 2010

the kids are alright

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porn, i see it everywhere……

Flatbed, starring Gordon Grant and Paul Storr (1978); Hot Cop, starring Werner Robles and Brutus ( 1978); Mr Bowie’s Panic In Detroit (1973)

July 25, 2010

beard in face, or face in ass?

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Turned On!
directed by: Al Parker & Steve Scott (1982)
Starring: Al Parker, Sky Dawson, Beau Matthews, Jim King (AKA J.W. King), Gian Carlos, Joel Thomas, Greg Dale, Jim Rodgers, Bob Moore, John Trent, Lee Brubaker, Rick Faulkner; special appearance by Scott Taylor; cameos by Mike Davis and Steve Taylor. Original music by FORBIDDEN OVERTURE; additional music by WINSLOW WASHINGTON

OK, so I know 8 days ago I promised to re-post this in 2 days, but, well, whatever. It is one of those wonderful, yet painful clips. Wonderful because it is AL Parker, and his body and face just drive me crazy (in the good way); wonderful because we have my little “turned-on cub”, Lee Brubaker twitching his cute little ass, trying to get Al’s attention, and Lee looks edibly fantastic. But painful in that Lee’s scene is perhaps 4 minutes at most, and also, I have a terrible time deciding which “role” I’d like to play – lucky Lee having Al Parker bury his face in my ass; or luck Al, burying my face in beautiful Lee’s wonderful ass. sigh.

July 24, 2010


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which came from p-town, and which came from l-vegas?

update: well, it took this long for the spambots to see i now (occasionally) allow comments, so this morning, my first commentspam! woo-hoo!

July 22, 2010

Joe Gage Is A Cocksucker

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“Dave has a romantic dinner with gourmet chef Joe Gage, a virile and good-looking exception to the chef stereotype (did you write this, Joe?), but Greg stumbles home and a hilarious food fight erupts, naturally culminating in a three-way orgy of food and sex……”

Morning Noon, and Night
directed by: Nick Elliott (1975)
Starring: Dave Daniel, Greg Miers: + Scott Heath, Tony Lee, Joe Gage

don’t forget to eat your vegetables! (what the heck is with the crazy music soundtrack??!)

update: apparently, the music is ‘Le Creation du Monde’ by Darius Milhaud – thanks, CanadianHarold!


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someone somewhere, probably a “dating site”, said i have a sock fetish. i don’t think so. if anything, it’s a cotton fetish. if i have to wear clothes (and i am rarely naked, i almost always have boxers on or my new ptown athletic shorts, like now, where my balls, etc are comfortably enclosed in 100% cotton) it has to be cotton.

and i’ve been obsessed lately in trying to find GREY COTTON socks – nearly impossible. a buddy gave me a lead to a store, but when i got there, turns out their store brand’s grey socks were only 44% cotton! ewwwww, yuck! i’ve recently settled on a brand that was 65%, but just yesterday found a brand, Burlington, that has a 73%, so my feet will test drive those today.

July 21, 2010


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i got this one very early in that “Postcards are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED – so so send me one! bit i went through about two weeks ago. I won’t share most of what was written, but i’ll tell you it was very sweet, and there’s one line I misunderstood until the 3rd time i read the card. I thought it said “69 year round”, and wasn’t sure if this was the current state of his life (nice!) or an invitation. But finally, i noticed the little ° symbol – and realized he was telling me it was 69° year round – which, of course, is nearly as nice

Yeah, don’t forget the things that we laughed about

July 20, 2010

Joe Gage is a finger licker

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so let’s test this thing, and lemme know if it works. and feedback about how this works compared to the old way I would post clips is appreciated. Then I’ll play that other clip I promised a few weeks ago, “Joe Gage Is A Cocksucker”.

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