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September 30, 2010

guess who?!!!?

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chances are if you can guess who, you also know the name of the film

September 28, 2010

morning coffee

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the other guy’s thinking, “another webcam obsessed tourist gonna put my pic on his blog”

September 27, 2010

if yer really bored…..

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check out the provincetown webcam frequently, and see if you spot me this week. (bonus stalker points if you snap a pic of me there)

September 26, 2010

how ’bout 7 (minutes)?

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Cruisin’ The Castro
directed by: Michael R. Newman (1981)
This scene, Richard Locke, Don Talon, and Will Seagers.

just showing the last 3 minutes didn’t seem to do this scene justice, so here’s the last 7 – hope y’all enjoy it!

September 24, 2010

if you’re fond of sand dunes, and salty air

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Queer little villagers here and there

September 23, 2010

teaser pic

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who’s f*ckin’ who?

last night

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Back to that other bar one last time, it appears to be closing time in town. i pass the condom guy, who is rushing off to the pizza place to continue his nightly duty. Up the stairs, over to the bar and a cold beer is in my hand quickly, bigscreen porn seems to have everyone’s attention but mine. Not a lot of guys here, the night is ending soon. A guy seems to smile towards me from over in a darker part of the room. We do a few smile exchanges, but my head is all “gee, am i interested cuz the place is closing, or cuz its my last night here, or cuz its been awhile….” And i look again at the nice man, with the nice face, smiling nicely at me, and something inside gently prods: “don’t over analyze, all you have to do is say hello, and take it from there; get our of your head, and take a few steps.”

Walking down the road, we had already done the tongues entwined, hands on each other’s cargo shorts and pawing at each other’s heads at the bar in the dark, and even after the lights came on. But now we were walking, and talking, about nothing in particular. i stopped just as we passed a streetlamp, he stopped, puzzled. i grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in close, and we kissed again under the light, feeling better out here in the public, but fairly empty street, with the soft mist, cool breeze – so much nicer than the bar.

It was my last night, and i wanted to enjoy it, but slowly; so we walked slower, and i grabbed more kisses along the way. We get to where he is staying, and he points to where i can park my bike. heading up the stairs quietly not to distrub the other guests, he guides me into his room. Even though i said i’d rather keep my boxers on, he stripped down himself so fast i didn’t even notice him pulling the last of my clothes off as he pulls me onto his bed, kissing me. Apparently i’ve had more beer than him, my thing just hanging, his at full attention and poking at my thigh, my elbow, my cheek as we wrestle playfully on the bed. I’m focused on making out, and he seems to have set his sights on my ass.

When we’re done, and after a few moments snuggling I reach for some random piece of my clothing. he looks a bit unhappy, pulls at me and asks me to stay. i mention needing to get up early to clean and pack, but he pulls me in and kisses, and i surrender with no fight. i confess to sometimes having trouble sleeping with someone new – which was true – but I was also aware i wanted to spend my last few hours back at my place, alone with my thoughts and a good view of the harbor as the sun came up. He said it was ok if i wound up having to leave, but could i just stay for a bit.

We snuggled up, and as i started to drift off, the sound of his breathing mixed with the sound of a gentle rain outside. He began to stroke my body lightly, differnet places, with one hand as the other held me close. He slowed down as i could hear the water outside rushing off roofs and drainpipes. HIs stokes slowed more, until he fully stopped while l was focusing on the sounds of the rain. Just as I was finally closing my eyelids completely, there was a sudden snort – and i realized he was snoring. He seemed to quiet down, but then began again, and i thought geez, i can’t stay here. finally i nudged him just enough to stop him, he pulled me in closer and tighter, and continued stroking my body again as if there had been no interruption.

It felt so good, just be held, and touched, and i was falling asleep again, and smiling inside and the eyelids were just shutting again when – SNORT! and he began his snoring again. oh shit, i can’t stay, and i moved him slightly, he stopped snoring, pulled me in again, petted me and held me tight and i got lulled in again, and yup – again! you won’t believe how long it took me to finally get up and start to dress, as each time he stopped snoring, he grabbed me, pulling me in and his arms and hands just felt so good, so comforting, and i’d give it another shot.

we said our goodbyes, and as i got outside, the sky was lighter but not quite a sunrise, just a lightening of the sky as the misty rain covered everything, but didn’t feel like rain. just the soft sounds of water rushing in gutters, and down drainpipes, and hitting the brim of my baseball cap. when i got home for my last few hours in my little vacation spot, up 3 stories and looking out over the harbor, i undressed, and took a long time to fall asleep, but still feeling the pull and tug of the man’s arms i just left, smiling to myself, on my last night.

September 22, 2010

like a beautifully wrapped package on Christmas morning

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“and there it was – huge, erect, and pointing north – with a sweat sock on it”

Wanted: Billy the Kid
directed by: Jack Deveau (1976)
Starring: Dennis Walsh (Billy), Compton Payne (Business Man), Megan Ross (Karen, Billy’s best friend), Peter Thadliski (Angelo – the “super”), John Meyers (Brian, the photographer), Darc Traid (Moses), Ron Leigh (Mark), Rene’ (as Beverly), John Tyme (as Doug), Larry Marsland (as the dentist), Mark Ekwell (as the Thai Chi instructor); and in the Thai Chi class: Bob Mulare, Geoffrey Welch, Gakin Mantis, Steve Eberhart, Bob Alvarez, and Mark Woodward

i think she’s fuckin’ fantastic! but don’t worry, no real sex here to speak of, just her brief 3-minute monologue (written by Moose 100?)

September 21, 2010

explore this

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teaser ad from a 1975 In Touch magazine

September 20, 2010

who doesn’t like tail?

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from june, 2006 –

September 19, 2010

countdown…… 5 days!

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if all goes as planned, 5 days exactly from typing this i will be getting off the boston to provincetown ferry, beginning my 10 day stay!

locke by blakey

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either 1979, or 1980, richard locke photographed by roy blakey

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