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January 31, 2014

oh Friday!

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GAYRACULA (repost)

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Director: Roger Earl (1983)

Starring: Tim Kramer, Steve Collins (as the Marquis de Suede), Michael Christopher, Rand Remington, Randal Butler, Ray Medina (AKA J. W. Stone, Julio Campas), Max Cooper (aka Max Montoya), Doug Weston, Douglas Boston, David McNeil

January 29, 2014

who you may remember from such films as Beached! and Soccer Games

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Pics from the 1979 magazine MALE No 6 – more here: tube socks and balls

January 28, 2014

Truck #7

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Bear Magazine, #23 (1993)

January 27, 2014

guess who?

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Clue – pic is from Playguy, Volume 3, Number 33 (1979?)


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Falcon’s 1992 movie, Overload, Al Parker’s last porno film. The description at GEVI isn’t quite right, if memory serves me right. There is says: “Legendary erotic icon Al Parker is eager to put his restored foreskin to use…so he calls buddy Craig Slater over for a session of sucking, pumping, toys and assplay. These studs probe stretch and pound their way into an overload of exhilaration.” (Some commas might be useful in that last sentence, unless “probe stretching” is a sex act I am not yet familiar with). From what I remember, Craig Slater is the one who calls Al, after he finds an escort ad for Al, and asks Al if he can do to him what he did to Casey Donovan in The Other Side of Aspen. If you have the edited version of Aspen or Overload, then you’ll miss the fisting scene.

Al’s actual last appearance in a movie is also from 1992, but he’s just in the music video tagged on to the end of Fast Idle.

For some other pics of Al, check out the Al Parker Album

January 26, 2014

love the sheets!

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From the Nova film A Friend in Need, (which can be found in the collection 4 in Hand), with Mark Newman and Ross Franklin. What bands are on those posters?

Rawhide, 1978

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After 34 years of holding down its corner of Chelsea, the bar closed for good on March 30, 2013.

January 25, 2014

MANDATE – October 1984

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From the same issue, a 1984 interview with Al Parker – sorry the quality ain’t so great!


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From the 1978 photomagazine The Leathermen, nicely tied up Dan Pace (AKA Rocky Genero), who you may remember from such films as: Pieces of Eight, The Frenchman and the Lovers, Sex Machine and L. A. Tool & Die – and apparently an 8MM film that doesn’t seem to have ever made it to VHS or DVD – Leather Lovers

January 24, 2014


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This feature takes our hero with his playmate Dave Daniel, into a lush, wooded forest. The scene is spectacularly photographed and is generous with warmth and beauty generated by the communication between these two blonde youths. The film is a must for those who truly appreciate the juxtaposition of youth and beauty. The scene is Forest Fantasy, seen in the 1976 film Dreamer

January 22, 2014

boyhood dreams

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This first-class meat packing film produced itself when our powerfully handsome young master studs, Michael and Phillip, from Thrust after Thrust and their earlier film Gold Coast Marine meet up with Brian Dexter, the dynamic muscle stallion from the books “Man” and “Another Man”. The scene is Boyhood Dreams, found in this collection, The Crotch Watcher

update Here’s 2 pics I found from a magazine called Heavy Loads – must be from same film, right?

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