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February 28, 2016

Stud Brothers

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Action-filled excitement with superstuds Joe Markham and his younger “brother” Tony (22 minutes, 1976)

trying to get back to posting some porno clips – feedback always welcome

February 26, 2016


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Kirk Mannheim

Looks like he’s done 5 films – 4 around 1977/78 – Challenger part 1 (aka Cruisin ’69) with Al Parker, Falcon’s Film No 627 part of the Help Wanted “collection” with Vince Clark and Jeff Turk, Please Knock Before Entering with Ken Orsini, and Loft to Let with Holtz and Jack Egan; then he returns in 1981, in Al Parker’s Flashback photographing Al playing with himself until they decide to put the camera down and get to business.

February 24, 2016


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February 21, 2016


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Hank Hightower

I don’t usually post 1990’s stars (and he continued his career well into the 2000’s in a lot of bear porn, like Bathhouse Bears, Bear Country, Bear Hug, Bear Necessities, Bear Trap, Bear Skin and Bear Tracks, among many others), but its furry fuzzy Hank, after all. Looks like LOST IN VEGAS (1993) was his first movie, where he orally worships hairy Alec Danes, from what I remember.

February 20, 2016

Clay and his jock

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Clay Russell

February 17, 2016

happy v-day

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awwww, I missed posting for Valentine’s Day!

update: the scene is here on a compilation called Vintage Bareback Hairy Daddies – about 3 minutes in.

February 12, 2016


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February 10, 2016


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Bob Bishop and Ed Wiley

Ramcharger clip

February 8, 2016


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Jeff Stone, who you’ve seen in Mac Larsen films like Oil Rig 99, Tough Guys, In The Name of Leather and Red Ball Express – shown here on the left with no lower body; Nick Mauro, in the middle, who you’ve seen in 2 Wakefield Poole films – The Hustlers and Split Image; and Stan Patrouski (aka Stan Lauder) and his lovely mustache, who you, well, probably haven’t seen in any films – I certainly couldn’t find any – but, he HAS been photographed, thank goodness!

February 7, 2016

Half Time

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Mark Leonard

just one film? – Nova’s Half Time; and a handful of magazine spreads.

February 6, 2016


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February 5, 2016

more Harv!

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just these films, from Colt?

Beach Encounter (1971) with Buddy

Stacked Deck (1971) with Mel Bush

The Swingers (1972)

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