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daddy dearest intro

Daddy Dearest
directed by: Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. (1984)
starring: Daniel Holt, Richard Locke, Johnny Dawes, Dean Johnson, Andrew Dupree, Jan Boscamp, and Robert Vega.

sorry guys, still feeling under the weather, so no time or brain ability to comment – other than Enjoy! and oh yeah, there’s also the previously posted scene with Richard Locke over here.

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I’ve been looking for this whole movie for years. Has eluded me at every turn! Thanks for sharing a few scenes from it

So happy anniversary, it’s been over 23 years since you started version 1.0 of your blog. April 7th 2001, when your first visible post was about this film:

“ok. it doesnt seem to work. so, 3rd cup of coffee, Devo’s “Through Being Cool” probably annoying the neighbors (or maybe thats the bassline bangin’ on the walls….). today’s porno note: how do I get a copy of Daddy Dearest, 1984 film starring Daniel Holt, Dean Johnson, and of course, one of my PORN HEROES Richard Locke (his last film). just got an email thanking me for the anonomous pic I sent to Dean Johnson – a still I found in an old porn mag of Mr Locke fucking him! well, as long as no one sees me dancing to this song, i guess i;m still cool!”

I pointed Woody at gevi to one of your pages about Dean Johnson and Artie Bressan, he updated the performer page with what you corresponded to Dean about.

Did I ever tell you I have an authentic Rock and Roll Fag Bar t-shirt, that I bought at the World in NYC when I went there on spring break from college? That was one of the regular events there that he promoted, though I just thought I was being rebellious by buying it. And they played the then-new remix of Like A Prayer that night, feel like I might be repeating my stories to you, anyway..

And yes, you’re still cool (and so am I, let’s just keep telling ourselves that no matter what anybody else thinks).

so many things to comment back at ya!
thanks for the congrats – 23 years I must’ve been 20, er 30, er 40, er – nevermind!
my fave part of the GEVI page = BJland “reports” – look at me, I’m a reporter!!
I had no idea they sold t-shirts!! – I would go, too, but still wasn’t thrilled about “fag bar” – I learned to be OK with it

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