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BIG MAX! (home video?)

Perusing the “adult only” section of eBay, I spotted a listing for Big Max, (who you may know as Mike Spanner, or possibly as Jim Craig ) – a “home video” DVD that originally was sold some decades ago through ads in the old Advocate‘s pink classifieds section. Take a look – Rare “home video” BIG MAX! (Colt’s Sam Pasco) – could this be the long rumored Cli-Max video he did in the early/mid 1980’s? While you’re contemplating that, check out this piece – Who is Sam Pasco and why is no one talking about him?

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Interesting! Yeah I just tried searching public records and death records and turned up nada. Wonder if that wasn’t his real name, either.

And then there are those photos with Bruno. They were supposedly stills from a film: has anyone ever seen it?

BJ, why don’t you contact Bruno and interview him about this and the rest of his career?!!

Thanks for linking to my article. My interest in him is mainly because of his only “serious” part, in Umberto Lenzi’s Italian caveman-movie Ironmaster. Trying to piece together everything I can find about him. I also wonder what his real name could have been…

glad to have gotten the info FROM you, and my reader’s take a keen interest in Mr Pasco, er, Mr Max, errrr, Mr. Spanner…. in all seriousness, maybe this can lead to more info on his “legit” work (though most of us here consider the porn work the LEGIT work!)

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