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Only 3 films? Cross referencing Gay Erotic Video Index and of course SmutJunkies – I see Desert Fox, co-starring Dave Daniels (same scene appeared in both of these videos – California Fox and Pieces of Eight, directed by Fred Halsted); his “solo” in Joe Gage’s El Paso Wrecking Corp. (1978); and Colt’s Summit Meeting, co-starring Paul Storr. Right? Did I miss anything?

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Yeah, three films is accurate. However, let’s not forget that he did a sizzling Colt photo layout with Mike Davis. Davis always had instant chemistry with whoever he was paired with. Morris was also photographed in a great three way with Paul Storr and Toby in Colt Men #2. I always take into account, a model’s “action” print work. That’s why in my mind, guys like Ron Raz, Tony Regalia (does that lost Fox loop, really count?), Mark Wolf, etc. are porn stars, even though they never appeared on film. I don’t really consider “solos” to be real porn. Body contact with another guy is what gets me off. Even if it’s simulated. I’m real sad that picture magazines, have gone the way of the dinosaur. Many of them were a lot more erotic than filmed porn. Sorry to go off on a tangent. Wasn’t Mike Morris was great looking? I really wasn’t into balding men until I discovered him. He helped me to recognize their beauty.

Mike Morris totally turned me into balding men too. I couldn’t tell you how many loads I’ve blown to his hairy chest and big dick.

So beautiful.

The print version of Desert Fox has photos of Mr.Morris and Daniels shot in two other locations besides the oriental rug/hammock shown in the film. I’ve fantasized that footage of those shoots would show up, but it seems unlikely.

There are many missed opportunities in the history of gay porn, but the scant documentation of Morris is one of the greatest. Anyone have any biographical information?

The third location has always intrigued me. It’s a fountain set in a wide-open, well-landscaped are. It looks like a park or college campus. In one shot, you can see someone sitting on the grass in the background. Who knows?

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