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matt harper

who you remember from such films as Dune Buddies, Fire Island Fever, Body Heat, and then of course as Will Seagers you remember him from such films as Cruisin’ The Castro, Wanted, Face To Face, and of course, L. A. Tool & Die.

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A great looking guy, who probably had sex on screen with more of the gods than anyone else: Bruno, Al Parker, Richard Locke, and on and on

And then he went and spoiled it all with that Bi flick! And he looked hot as hell in it too! But images of him playing with pussy permanently scarred me!

What was the name of the bisexual porn he was in? It’s very silly to me when gay men find women’s bodies and genitals to be “gross”.

OH MY GOD! – this is FANTASTIC! I’ve barely read through it yet, but did you see the Polaroid of MIKE MORRIS???

Yeah, ain’t it great?! I’m glad you got this response. I was afraid putting it here, wouldn’t work because it was too old. Who knows when you’ll post again about Will Seagers? I couldn’t wait to tell you. The author got one detail wrong. Will Seagers/Matt Harper, never worked for Colt. I wish this link about “Gene Gordon”, had a date. Hopefully, he’s still alive. : )

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