"vintage" porn stars Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. pornoclips


“Dear Daddy, my name is Brad. I go to school at NYU. I’m 20 years old, horny, and I need a Daddy!”


directed by: Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. (1984)Starring: Richard Locke, Daniel Holt, Johnny Dawes, Robert Vega, Dean Johnson, Andrew Dupree, and Jan Boscamp.

One of those film-within-a-film pornos that I love so much. This one is about porno filmmaker, Daniel Holt (obviously mirroring the real life director, Artie Bressan), making a porno called Fuck Me, Fuck Me Daddy. The film-within-a-film stars Dean Johnson (at the time a doorman at NYC’s Boy Bar) as an NYU student who answers a personal ad for a daddy (portrayed by Richard Locke). Daddy Dearest explores the director’s past relationships, and his fantasy that one day, one of the young stars of his films will be interested in him and stay after the porno film is completed.

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I saw Richard on Christopher, at Hudson, circa 1982. He was stoned immaculate, on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Nice looking but-oh-so-wasted.

So I’m commenting on one of your older posts, hope you see this BJ — I was on gevi the other night and clicking links to the films of Arthur Bressan, and the short description I read for the documentary Gay USA seems to have originated from your directors pages here: “Arthur J. Bressan Jr’s idea was to collect footage from as many Gay Pride demonstrations and celebrations in June of 1977 from around the country as possible. Difficult to find, unfortunately” they quoted you as saying. I found a clip on vimeo that appears to be at least some of this documentary, it’s only about 1 hour 11 minutes and not the full 2 hours, and it’s just the San Fran pride parade. But still, it’s online and it’s free to watch, not to mention really well done so I thought I’d let you know:

And what got me thinking about Arthur in the first place was a public access TV show out of NY in 1983 that was created and hosted by Vito Russo, of ACT-UP and Celluloid Closet notoriety. It was called Our Time, and in one of the episodes (most of which are on youtube) Vito interviews Arthur which was also interesting to me, as I thought it might be to you too:

Not too long a comment, for me anyway ;) Were you aware of these clip(s)?

wow thanks! I may have seen it since I wrote that many many years ago – Amazon had it briefly. The Vito stuff rings a bell, but then again 1983 I would have just arrived in NYC, and would not have had cable. good viewing ahead for me in this cold month!! THANKS

The show Our Time was apparently on WNYC, channel 31 at that time, which I’m not sure if that was cable or over-the-air with rabbit ears. The ones on youtube that I’ve watched are quite interesting, you may feel the same way particularly if that starts to overlap with your living in the city. Just search youtube for ‘vito russo our time’ and the 11 of the 13 original episodes that have been found are all there, and each is an hour long. But yeah, when I saw your description of the Gay USA doc on gevi and recognized the connection to you, I thought I’d let you know. You’d hate me if I tell you how warm it’s been in Colorado … anyway cheers buddy :)

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