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August, 2005

just perusing my hard drive, and nabbed these random pics from eBay auctions from that month. I’d expect you’ll recognize at least a few of these guys.

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I’ll take some of the low hanging fruit, and leave the rest to you experts in the field.

#2 is Nick Fabrini
#7 is Roger
#8 is Johnny Harden

These I’m sure about, since the text included in the pics indicated at least part of their names. #10 is definitely Lance, so that’s another one. Of the rest, at least some look familiar to me – I believe #6 is Doug Weston, and although I can’t be sure about it, is #1 David Ashfield? Looks like him (and his dick) but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that shot before. I would gladly get down there and help him out though ;) Some of the remaining ones look familiar but I can’t come up with the names, especially #4 the bearded cowboy.

Number three is straight stud Framcois Papillon. Ten is “Lance.” Last stud is, of course, Barry.

I’ve read several conflicting stories on what happened to Roger. I’ve never tired of looking at him for forty years. Do you know what happened? Is the car wreck story true?

Before this post gets bumped from the front page, here’s where we stand:

1. ??? (not David Ashfield)
2. Nick Fabrini
3. François Papillon
4. ???
5. ???
6. Kristen Bjorn model…
7. Roger
8. Johnny Harden
9. ???
10. Lance
11. Barry

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