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J. Brian’s Flashbacks

The Jock Strap Dance Contest has been a San Francisco tradition for many, many years. Held every other Sunday evening at the End-Up Bar, audiences have seen some of the hottest men compete for the $100 prize money and for fun, fame, recognition or just for the hell of it.

Chapter 2: Contestant number two is Jeff Porter, a Swedish tourist. While exploring the Redwood National Park in Northern California, he sees Mickey Squires driving around naked in a customized van. Pulling over to a quiet section of the Park, they get out and get down, talking dirty and turning each other on.

3 replies on “J. Brian’s Flashbacks”

I have to admit, I’ve done that a time or 2, at more than a few Rest Areas. Being a Truck Driver has it’s advantages, sometimes.

“Ooh, he gave me those looks.” Love it! Great scene!

Thanks, BJ, for the trip down memory lane! (where two hot guys are jerking off together)

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