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Rod Kasznar

Reader asked for more info on Rod; all I can find is that he seems to have only appeared in various COLT SPURS magazines – COLT SPURS 5 (1980/1?), COLT SPURS 11 (best of, #1) 1985, COLT SPURS 19 (Couples), and COLT SPURS 21 (Oh Daddy! issue) – check out these photos with Frank Vickers (probably from COLT SPURS 19).

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if anyone can find a better version of this image – love the “spillage” out of the cutoffs!

*WOLF WHISTLE!* “We like short shorts!” Or Daisy Dukes, or cut-offs, or whatever…! : )

Actually, there’s another B & W photo of him from this same photo-set, which was very amusing, and even hotter! I wish I could find it – very naughty and flagrant! He’s facing the camera, deliberately flaunting his dick, by pulling down his open shorts. He has an open-mouthed, “Ah!” expression on his face – teasing and taunting the viewer! : P

Sorry, BJ honey. Can’t find this picture, appropriated (i.e. stolen) from “BigKugels”. : (

However, here’s another hot still from that same photo-set, that’s pretty similar, and in color. You might appreciate this. I wonder if Kasznar and King Donovan were really a couple. Or was that just propagated by Jim French, for publicity? French was known to stretch the truth.

Wasn’t Rod Kasznar delicious? Beefy and juicy – a hot, rugged daddy aged, and seasoned to perfection!

You got to wonder, why he only did print. His sizzling Colt photos with King Donovan, Frank Vickers, and Matt Cromwell, were pretty explicit. They were actually hotter, that porn that was filmed.

I like the contrast of colors in this picture. What’s the significance of the pumpkin?

This may be my favorite glamour shot of him. It took forever to find this, but it was worth it. No matter how raunchy, nasty, or kinky, the photos; Jim French, always celebrated beauty and sensuality, first. : 0

*SIGH* Jim French the master, is gone. One has to resign to the fact, that classic Colt, will never be the same. : (

; )

but you found which MANDATE the shorts pic is in – and there’s this…. oops, later, gotta run!

Oh yeah, you can enlarge the image. I’m still not completely sure, if the scenario is genuine. But if it is, fabulous – more fodder for fantasy! What a hot couple! I know that Ed Dinakos and Jake Tanner was a couple. Dinakos confirmed it in his last interview, taken by The Advocate. I think that Nick Chase and Pat Sutton may have also been an item. What a great theme – Classic Colt Couples!

Colt just isn’t the same anymore. I read a blogger years ago, who hit the nail right on the head, in describing the different change.

He said that Colt, used to celebrate the mystique of masculinity. Now they just sell sex, like any other porn studio. : (

“If the look is masculine, the name is Colt.” (!)

Thank you so much for posting that Mandate picture of Kasznar – very sensual! You’re so generous and considerate!

Where does Jim French find these guys?! He truly was a master!

Many of the Colt models were so mouth-watering, as well as aggressively virile. : P

The added bonus of course, is that a number of them, played for OUR team – delightful! They totally shattered the stereotype that all homos are weak and effeminate – very reassuring!

While we’re on the subject of boyfriends, I can’t leave without posting a picture of King Donovan; yet another model, who only did print. I’m not partial to facial hair, but both he and Kasznar, really rocked a mustache!

Donovan in particular, looks so handsome and masculine. I could easily picture him in an 80’s T.V., detective crime series, like “Magnum P.I.”, “Matt Houston”, “Hunter” or “The Rockford Files” etc. He does suggest actors like Tom Selleck or Lee Horsley – great hair!

Once again, look at the color, and the texture of both Kasznar’s and Donovan’s glowing skin – sublime! Tan-lines are forever! Is it any wonder, why I hate tattoos?

Whew! Let me cool down. LOL! Until next time… ; )

P.S.: So sorry BJ! I had a feeling that link, wasn’t going to work. Maybe you want to edit it out, so you don’t get in trouble from Google.

Maybe this should substitute as compensation. The picture I tried to post is the fourth one across, from It’s the one where he has his arms resting, on either a large box or cabinet. I know you can’t post from this. But it was important to me, that you knew which picture I picked.

(I hope this works):

I also wanted to mention, how you can almost feel the body heat emanating, in the Colt pictures of Kasznar and Donovan – very sexy! ; )

Jim French briefly refers to Kasznar as his assistant in the big Colt book. He gives no more information and says nothing about him as a model.

I think he’s one of the greatest Colt models, and it’s a shame there’s not more of him.

I wonder if the current sad incarnation of Colt Studio has access to all the shots that didn’t make it into print? There must be some amazing stuff out there somewhere.

Bravo BJ! Bravo!

Wow, you were actually able to post from that Google link! I leave it up to you, if you want to edit out the links I posted, since they’re no longer needed. Can Google track you down? Or am I just being paranoid? : /

As I said before, you’re too kind, generous, and considerate. Bless you! : )

Thank you so much, for posting the top picture of King Donovan, which I wanted. I see that you helped yourself with the bottom picture – your King favorite? I wish I was as tech savvy as you! Sadly, I’m a dunce, concerning anything technical. : (

I love this picture, because it gives you a generous view, of his complete lusciousness. It’s all there –body, dick, ass, face! Although it’s a relaxed, casual pose, it still has a proactive stance – very manly!

I tend to favor pictures of nude men, as they’re standing up. Don’t get me wrong! I like seeing nude men, posed in whichever position they’re in!

I enjoy seeing them, reclining on their backs, sitting down, lying on their stomachs, or on their sides. But you get a better, complete picture of how their bodies are shaped, when they’re standing up. I think this is a great example, of what I’m talking about.

My one beef with Blueboy Magazine, is that they tended to show too many pictures of languid men, lying in bed; sometimes even sleeping – Oh Mary! They even did this to Roger, though I enjoyed his pictures. So I always address things in context, and make exceptions.

Plus, when the models are standing up, you get a better, clearer view of their dicks –the size, girth, shape, color, bearing, etc. I know you must appreciate that! : P

I also like King Donovan’s expression, in this photo. Both Donovan and Kasznar knew how to smolder. They both meant business! ; )

ha! google tracks EVERYTHING you do, but no, they don’t care – it’s not actually their content! they just host for blogger, blogspot, etc – those photos actually belong to COLT, but they don’t seem to care about a tiny website that derives no income from sharing some hot photos – keeps the interest in their old product, I would think. as far as poses – i’m like that Supreme Court Justice – i can’t define the best, I can only tell you when I see it – you know, Jacobellis v. Ohio!


The playful, flagrant B & W photo, I described above is posted below.

Once again, I stumbled upon this by accident, while looking for something else. Retro Studs to the rescue! Oh Buck Naked, we’re forever in your debt!

Despite my giddiness however, I have to qualify this. It still sizzles, but it’s not a perfect version. Upon inspection, it’s clear that Papa Kasznar has been “enhanced”. : /

Oh how I hate when that happens! Why can’t these perverted vandals, leave well enough alone – assholes! Notice the weird, unnatural hair growth length, on his bush. It looks like his mustache, has also been darkened.

Oh well, it still is a scorching photo – lewd and lusty, naughty and nasty! Ravishing Rod is still beefy and juicy! Look how his skin glistens – luscious! Muscles are forever! : P

And you wonder why I hate tattoos? (You can enlarge this.)

We’re going to have to use our imagination, to shrink his dick back to normal size. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. If I find the original “untouched” version, I’ll be sure to post it.

I absolutely love the taunting, tantalizing expression on his face! What a scoundrel! What a rascal!

Admit it. This B & W photo is hotter than your “Big Kugel” version, with the “spillage”. I mean, after all, he’s not just exposing himself, he’s flashing! Exhibitionist! I love it! : )

This is another example of why Jim French was such a master. Aside from the beauty, and the great nudity his pictures provide, his photography also express personality. That’s always needed in porn.

Not to be bossy, but I expect a response from you! Let me know what you think.

May my stumbling, never cease! Just call me a horny klutz!

Here’s to another hot vintage discovery! ; )

I admit nothing!


i don’t know that it is altered – you really think his cock has been changed? If so, its really subtle and I can’t imagine bothering! I think it’s possible that its just not a great scan/copy of the original – it’s a HUGE pic, and the link you sent it’s a “png” file, which I’ve always found problematic, so I changed it to a jpeg – and that change may also alter its quality. YOu may recall I am not as into muscle as you are – and some I find too exagerated (this one, his tits are bordering on too big!). Maybe it’s time I splurge for the $20 to but the Mandate and see what other pics might be in that article. While the look on his face in this “new” pic may be more inviting, I think the expression in the Mandate is more alluring – you’re jsut not sure if he’ll actually let you have some in the latter!

p.s. – I couldnt find the post at retrostuds – can you post link, please?

I’m only too happy to oblige!

Anything for you, BJ honey! Ask and you shall receive.

Scroll all the way down to #12. None of the models are identified, but I’m sure you’ll recognize a few of them:

God love Buck Naked, but maneuvering and searching through Retro Studs, can be so confusing and exhausting! It’s endless! It’s like falling down a rabbit hole! It took me quite a while, to get the gist of it.

So many of his posted pictures are unidentified; it gets pretty daunting. You can’t depend on his search engine, to get all the complete photos he has of a given model or subject.

On the right column, he has “Labels” which list models, magazines, themes, and the number of their entries.

Located on the left, is the “Blog Archive”, which lists the entries posted daily. I actually went through this completely once. Oy Vey! It’s impossible to completely remember, what he has or doesn’t have.

I’m sure even he doesn’t know. It doesn’t help that he posts the same subject, two or three times! A little editing wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Anyway, I know you love facial hair. The above link falls under the theme “MOUSTACHE/BEARDS”. Here’s the complete mother link that contains 672 entries! Good luck!

Getting back to Kasznar’s photo, oh it’s definitely altered. I used to own the Colt magazine that contained this.

As I said before, look at the unnatural growth pattern on his bush. If I recall correctly, Rod was wearing a leather cock ring (I’m not a fan). It appears this vandal detached his dick to enlarge it. He then re-attached it to his body, while darkening the ring to camouflage it as hair. Pubic hair doesn’t grow like that; at least not naturally.

I’m not convinced you don’t like muscles as well. I think Kasznar’s body looks just great. His muscles are proportional. He’s not like Zeb Atlas or sometimes like Tom Katt. Now THAT’S ridiculous – totally juiced up! I can’t get into watching Zeb Atlas, because he looks so weird!

As I said before, so much heat seems to emanate from Rod Kasznar’s pictures.

I fantasize languorously making love to him – taking my time massaging, caressing, and licking every inch of his body. I imagine he would feel so warm and heavy in my arms. Muscles look and feel good – so sensual! I would also lie on top of him, and rub our crotches together. Whew! Frottage is forever! ; )

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