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whatever you say, sir

5’10”?? – no. 11 inches?? no. superhot and will always be my favorite —mmmmmm, hmmmmm

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If you haven’t seen the documentary Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon, you should – I bought a copy on DVD not long after it came out and thought it was really interesting. My biggest complaint was that it needed more dick, most of the pics and clips they showed were more of the R or even PG-13 variety than the XXX hardcore stuff he was so known for.

He was pretty wonderful, wasn’t he? I maintain that he really raised the bar, for how good a performer could become – a true Porn Divo. Aside from being hot and well hung, he knew the value of personality, acting ability, and publicity. It’s no surprise, because he came from an entertainment background. He thoroughly deserved his own documentary.

I’m pretty bummed out. You may or not know that Jeff Satkin, the owner of Atkol Forums, sadly died in early March. So as of almost two months now, that site, no longer exists. Poof! – All that information and entertainment, is gone forever now. : (

Jeff was wonderfully generous, and his site was so user friendly. He would let you do posts that were endless, which also included the ability to post pictures from Tumblr. It was like having your own magazine!

Since there are so many pictures of Wrangler available now on the internet, I wanted to post a tribute to him, which included my favorite of his films and pictures. Alas, that idea, along with so many others I had in mind, has now been shafted. Oh well, nothing lasts forever.

I don’t want to be morbid, but I hope that Woody, the owner of GEVI, has bequeathed that site to someone else, in the sad event of his possible passing. We can’t lose all that invaluable information!

For now, I leave you my favorite glamour shot of Jack Wrangler. I know we can both agree that he had one of the prettiest pricks in porn. ; )

May you rest in peace, Jeff Satkin. Keep up the great work, BJ!

That is sad news about the webmaster for atkol, I didn’t go there much lately but it’s a website I remember from long ago, internet-wise. Do you know of the internet “wayback machine”? It takes a snapshot of many webpages randomly and preserves it, including the ability to click on links that existed at the time it was backed up. Anyway the most recent one I found for atkol was last October, but it certainly beats having the whole site disappear:

Maybe the information you were talking about isn’t lost forever after all? Check it out.

good work! was wondering about WAY BACK – never knew how it works – wonder if there is a way to re-upload the pages on a new site?

I don’t know a whole lot about it either, but I did find their “about” page that describes what they do and how they do it:

I’ve mostly stumbled on it accidentally, in relation to a website I remember that has since gone away (Al’s Gay Porn Stars is one example, I had that one in the same folder as your site in fact). It’s very useful if you’re trying to get proof of something you saw at one point, but can’t access anymore. Here are some that came up when I searched “bjland”, you’ve been keeping their crawlers busy!*/bjland

I hope obsessed comes back and sees this thread, maybe what he’s looking for was stored before atkol went away?

awful about the ATKOL site owner, and too bad about the site itself – wonder if it is at all possible to reconstruct? I used that site for research, goofing around, insomnia, and just smoking some pot and having a good old time!

Thank you so much zephyr for the URL link and info. Unfortunately, it doesn’t link up to anything that I’m interested in. It’s all so confusing and limited! Atkol Forums was so user friendly. As the song goes, “The Party’s Over Now”. : (

Yeah it seems that it’s designed to act like a camera and take snapshots of what specific pages looked like on that date. But on a site with multiple threads like atkol was, most of the links now seem to go to error messages instead of the threads that were there. Well it was worth a shot, I was hoping this would have worked for you. The best lesson to take from this might be to snag copies of anything you may want to look at later, while you’re looking at it, and save them on your own computer. Sorry :(

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