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Nice little digest-sized publication from 1977 – here’s the Bay auction – LUSTY No 1 – 1977 PAUL BARRESI – PAEAN

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there are several “PAEAN” publications with him in it, and some of those photoshoots made it into Skinflicks and some of the other higher quality publications

I have to disagree with you about the beard. I think Dusty aka Mark Wolf aka Mark Brandon, looks cute as a button, with a clean face – adorable. Then again, I’ll concede that with a beard, he looks like a satyr or a leprechaun – talk about Lucky Charms.

As you can see, I’ve become rather obsessed with him. He’s rather hard to pinpoint, because he changes his look and name, so often.

Like Barresi, he’s also worked quite often with Paean Studios in stills. I really liked the series of photos he did with the blond bodybuilder known as “Blu”.

As you well know, Zeus Studios published a full magazine of him, in 1979.

I wish the David Carter loops were available. He worked with Carter a couple of times. In 1977, they appeared together in “Bodybuilders Holiday”. I’m all about muscles and sex!

I learned from the now defunct Atkol Forums, that he also appeared with Cliff Hardin in “Takes What He Wants”, a Brentwood loop released in 1977. He’s only identified as “Mark”. Evidently Woody from GEVI doesn’t recognize him.

So we now know that he’s made at least three, hardcore porn films, along with his various print works.

As for the notorious Mr. Barresi, I find it curious that he’s willing to be more demonstrative and affectionate in stills, than he ever was in his gay porn films – especially for Paean Studios.

Here he is with the above mentioned Mark Wolf.

With Lee Marlin:

This is the only picture I could find of him with Don Talon. I know there are some others, but I don’t have the time to search for it on Tumblr. Too bad it cropped. You posted this before.

In Colt’s Gallery #13, he actually shows some tenderness and affection. In that publication, he’s shown with a blond model, only identified as Kelly.

And of course, Tony Romano:

I know these photos are simulated, but I still think they’re hot. I wish I could enlarge them.

Here are a couple of pictures he did for Target Studios. I’m not sure who the other guy is. Do you suppose he’s Brahm van Zetten aka Brand?

For Target, he also posed with Will Seagers:

This makes me warm up to him more; though I still wouldn’t trust him any far than I can throw him. I’m among the very few, who thought the way that he betrayed Travolta, was absolutely appalling!

For this and other reasons, he’s always been a guilty pleasure for me. You can’t deny the sleazy bastard, was smoking hot! ; )

and I just discovered I have ENCOUNTERS magazine (Paean Studios, 1978) while sorting through stuff to sell. I’ll need to do some good scans before I let that one go! (its got Paul with Lee Marlin, then him and Mark Wolf – bearded; then Marc with a blond mustached guy named Eric…

oooh! Paul and Don Talon – AKA “Max” – 5 pages!!

Mercy, this post was hard to find! But it was worth it! : )

(God, I hope these links work!)

As I’ve said before and above; it’s amazing that Paul Barresi was willing to be more demonstrative and affectionate in print, than he ever was on film. This was especially evident in the work he did for Paean Studios. From the late 70’s to the early 80’s, Paean really was quite a company for macho porn.

Oh, what joy! I finally found the pictures he did with Don Talon, listed here as Max – two bull studs together! You probably have these pictures too, but I’m too impatient for you to post! Please forgive me!
: )

Here’s the full image of the cropped picture above; now showing Talon’s complete head. Wow, it’s actually rather sweet – warm and snuggly!
: 0

(You can enlarge!)

Here’s another nice picture of them. It’s photographed so darkly, that it’s practically in silhouette. But you can still tell that both of them are shirtless. They look great together! : )

Ah, another nice picture! Get a load of the expression on Paul’s face! Come on, Paul! It won’t kill you, to kiss Don/Max! You kissed Tony Romano! : 0

Oh well, I’m grateful and appreciative of these affectionate photos! Great – a suggestion of frottage! I just LUV me, that body warmth! Paul actually makes contact! : )

Ah, you can go ahead and call me a sissy fag, but I love this shit! Sue me for being mushy and gushy! : )

Once again, so many great posts! So little time! : (

; )

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