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eBay and me

Some of you folks may have been wondering – “why all the linking to eBay and eBay auctions”? – well, even if you haven’t been wondering, here goes:

I’m in the midst of trying to sell off a whole bunch of my porn collection, in the hopes of stashing away some money to pay for my move up to be with my honey (AKA the husbear; AKA the actual husband) as we’ve been doing the two-city thing for nearly 7 years now, and it’s a bit much. I’ll continue to highlight some of the more interesting stuff I am selling, but time really prevents me from posting everything up for grabs over there on eBay – so maybe check out the link below the lovely pic from Joe Gage’s HANDsome (1981), and bookmarking it and visit every few days, as this summer is the time to get these bargains – thansk!

Roy Garrett and Ron Clayton (HANDsome)

auctions on eBay

(my apologies to readers/lurkers who are outside the U.S. or don’t have an eBay account – most of my stuff is in the adult section, and all of it is only for sale to be shipped in the U.S.)

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