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John Gamble Presents The Manhandlers No. 3. Published 1979 by MV Publications (Jim Craig (AKA Big Max) + Scott Cooper)

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Love me some Scott Cooper. I saw him in a movie exactly once, and I was impressed with his cock-sucking enthusiasm.

Wow, where do I begin? Much as I love the standard sucking and fucking in all-male porn, the sight of two masculine men kissing, really strikes a chord with me. That’s why the first picture is especially nice.

Call me a sissy-fag, but porn without some display of affection, can become rather cold and clinical. That’s why I can’t completely warm up to porn stars who are strictly trade –no matter how attractive. I want them to at least kiss and suck. Not that I haven’t enjoyed my share of unromantic smut, or “gay-for-pay” performers.

I also love the physical detail of Big Max towering over Scott Cooper, and the sight of both their hard dicks, rubbing against each other. Cooper looked like a regular, working class stiff. He’s a perfect example, of a dude who isn’t conventionally handsome, but still manages to be hot.

It’s sad that glossy sex publications have gone the way of the dinosaur, because of the internet. There are numerous examples of porn in print, actually being hotter than porn, that’s filmed. Surge Studio, is a good example. Publishers like John Gamble, really deserve their due.

Credit should also be given to the models, who only worked in print. Even if the sex acts are simulated. In my mind, they’re still porn stars. Colt and Target, among others, have lots of shining examples. ; )

oh yeah – and been trying to nab as much John Gamble as I can find – some great photography!

I was watching the Studio 54 documentary on Netflix and at 1:00 in to it there was a photo of Big Max on the dance floor dancing with another bodybuilder.

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