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Bert Edwards

(AKA Jean Cardin, Burt Edwards) who you may remember from such films as The Rivermen (1971) Blue Summer Breeze (1972) , and Wakefield Poole‘s Moving! (1974); as well as various Falcon loops like Bronc Rider, Big, Hot & Horny, I Want More, and Male Stampede

Bert Edwards at GEVI

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Didn’t know about the ‘AKA Jean Cardin’, somewhat curious because he definitely doesn’t look French. I’ve always thought he was one of the most fabulous of the slightly primordial ‘sweet country-boy’ types, but American like Ray Fuller (whom I don’t find in your archives, he was very important in the early 70s, which I’m sure you know–I’ve got ‘Ballin’ With Ray’, the old mag, from NaughtyBids back in 2004, and there’s exemplary ‘sit-on ass-fucking of his enormous tool) or even Duke. I used the word ‘ravishing’ for Duke, but that’s not quite right for these voluptuous rustics cultivated in the U.S. They are just natural voluptuaries, and unbearably desirable.

Thanks for putting more on Bert, I utterly adore his sweet face and perfect body, and totally worship his Prick. Resembles Ray Fuller in several sublime ways. I have an old 8mm reel with Bert someone left me out of his huge collection, which I should watch again. Bert had a more authentic ‘innocence’ than Ray did, like some young hung guy in a John Rechy novel coming to New York, and finding ‘stardom’ before ever ever dreaming of it.

Nice to encounter a fan of BE. I discovered him when he first appeared on the scene and I instantly adored him. He was my favorite porn star in those days. There was no one I preferred to him. I remember one star at Falcon who closely resembled him, though. He only went by the name of Peter. He wasn’t around for long. Similar, smooth body; similar, sexy face; similar, beautiful uncut dick. In the sack, both were dynamite!

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