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triple treat

from the Buckshot/COLT magazine and film, Triple Treat, – Peter Barrie (in the middle, his only other movie, A Few Good Men), and Tim Daniels (apparently his only porno appearance) enjoying Glen Steers’ beautiful cock. Glen, of course, appeared in numerous pornos, including Hot Splice, One In A Billion, Stiff Competition, Hard To Come By and a personal favorite, Hayfever with Frank Vickers.

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Hey, you forgot to mention two of my Steers favorites, “Big Bang (1990)” with Mark Baxter, and “Rimshot (1991)” with Danny Sommers. I always especially enjoy gay porn, when both the top and bottom are beautiful.

Wasn’t Glenn Steers such a sexy rascal?! As a porn star, you just can’t get any better – just wonderful! He has lust coming out of his pores – looked great both on film and in print.

In “Triple Treat” he looks like he’s especially enjoying himself. I rather like the way he looks here. The absence of a mustache emphasizes how big his snout is, and makes his face seem even more phallic. A canine relentlessness if you will – horn dog!

With or without facial hair, he was gorgeous – that cleft chin! He reminds me a lot of actor Robert Urich.

And yes indeed, his prick was especially pretty. So much so that both tops, Dave Connors and Jimmy Metz, allowed Steers, the rare opportunity to fuck them.

Glenn Steers was a genuine Porn Divo – my ultimate compliment and christening! ; )

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