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size matters

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director: Matt Sterling (1983)

Starring: Bill Henson, Brian Michaels (aka Bobby Madison), Eric Stryker, Doug Weston, Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North), Lance Chisholm, Scott Avery, Mike Ryan, Brad Walsh, Steve Krause, Joe Porcelli, Don Webber

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Definitely one of my top ten scenes of all time. Saw it when it came out and I still have a fetish for a hot man naked except for a black polo shirt.

I’m with Roy. Top ten of all time. Bill Henson and Eric Stryker had such big, beautiful asses and such sunny, masculine faces. Big-league handsome—All three men. I loved as a very young horn-dog the sight of those gorgeous asses and holes stacked one atop the other. The fucking so enthusiastic, good-natured and HOT that it was really kinda life-affirming for me as a kid. Ha!

So I was able to identify one of the songs that plays during A Matter Of Size, though not the synth-y one from this clip. The scene before this one is also a 3-way, with Scott Avery, Don Webber and Brian Michaels/Bobby Madison in front of a fireplace, I took about 3 minutes of the song that plays at the beginning and end of that scene (cut it off just before the dialogue plays over it) and made a quick slideshow of images, then put it on youtube:

And as soon as I uploaded the clip youtube told me that a copyright claim had been placed on it for the audio, since it’s a song by Michael Rother called Fontana Di Luna, from an album he put out in 1978. I’d never heard of the song or Michael but I looked it up and confirmed it, then changed the description to include that info. At least youtube said it didn’t count as a “strike” against me since I wasn’t trying to monetize my video, just share some SFW images along with a song that I thought sounded professionally made. So that’s good. Maybe I should have uploaded the tune from this scene (which also plays at the beginning of the film) to see what the name of it is, and who did it? Anyway I wanted to let you know, especially since you’ve already added the “music in porn” tag to it. Another one down :) Cheers.

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