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Mr. Yale

not enough out there on Joey Yale (Fred Halsted‘s partner) – performed in 5 films, directed 9 for Cosco Studios; in fact, I should be doing a directors page on him! I am currently struggling to update many of my current directors pages – (feedback appreciate) – by adding photos, fixing broken links, adding the “S” to “http” for security, and fleshing out some of the content with some of my own reviews/commentary of the films themselves, going beyond just lists of titles and dates. But I digress! These pics from some random bondage magazine, and I’ve seen others – check out the pics of him in Falcon’s Abducted! (he’s listed as Kenny in most places – ooh, that makes film #6!) – you can see how this can be all time-consuming, and easy to get distracted.

more Joey Yale on BJland

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