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Al + Steve


Director: Steve Scott (1981) 60 minutes running time (these are notes from when I sold a copy on Ebay some years back – don’t worry, I still have this in my collection!

Starring: Al Parker, Jack Wrangler, Will Seagers, Dan Noble, Duff Paxton, Frank Ross, R.W. Stone (AKA Ray Medina), Rob Stevens, Sam Benson, and Steve Taylor

One of two films with Al Parker and Jack Wrangler. Wrangler plays an evil prison guard, forcing men into having sex with him. Parker escapes with straight fellow prisoner Will Seagers, who can’t bare the thought of having gay sex. They are chained together for most of the escape a la The Defiant Ones.

  • Opening sequence has prison warden Jack Wrangler getting oral sex from prisoner R.W. Stone (AKA Ray Medina). Parker and his straight cell-mate Will Seagers lie in their cell and decide to escape before “it’s their turn.”
  • The next day, outdoors doing road work, Al and Will make their break _ while, again, Wrangler is getting oral and anal service, this time by bearded Sam Benson.
  • The escaped duo ends up in a desolate cabin inhabited by rough-looking Duff Paxton. With Parker and Seagers still bound together, Al and Duff relax 69 style that night, with Seagers pretending to be asleep, enduring the homosexual act beside him.
  • Seagers can’t seem to take the sexual issues and hits Parker the next day, breaking himself free and traveling out on his own, only to get caught in a bear trap in the woods. Parker finds and frees him, with Seagers beginning to understand his “odd” buddy. Parker then relates a story of being in a prison shower while he was in the army, as the action switches to flashbacks. Here, he is used by Dan Noble and Rob Stevens.
  • He also tells of an affair with a ranch hand, real-life lover Steve Taylor. The setting in the barn, natural lighting, gentle guitar and harmonica, and the duo’s incredible passion for each other make this an amazingly hot and sexy scene.
  • Parker finally shows Seagers what it’s all about by giving him a memorable oral sex, complete with Seagers’s well-acted restraint mixed with enjoyment.
  • “The photography is near perfect and the harmonica and guitar music is a welcome change from the typical disco beats heard in other films. A decidedly masculine production that’s at once both a classic and an ode to gay male sexuality”. Produced by Frank Ross. No Condoms.

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Hilarious remark by the venerable Screw Magazine that Al Parker was the ‘Cary Grant of gay porn’. Trying to think of a Hollywood actor he was like, and can’t just now. Wrangler is probably closer to some Hollywood actors, and of course, knew lots of them before he even went out on the road with theater companies–and then more of them after he quit porn . Can’t quite imagine him as Cary Grant either, he’s so naturally campy. Who could they be like? Maybe Wrangler as some of the 50s/60s male starlets would be the right direction. Troy Donahue, Guy Madison, and maybe some Ed Byrnes, who died today. Interesting game I’ve just invented, but I don’t yet think most pornstars usually remind me of mainstream stars. Mark Rutter surely looked like some, though.

I was 18 and a naive farm boy from Ohio when I bought a porn magazine with stills from this film. The images of that spit string between Al’s mouth and Steve’s cock are indelibly ingrained in my brain.

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