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Bruno’s World – Director: Rip Colt (1975) Bruno & Toby

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Oh FABULOUS! Now Manuel and everybody can see the whole thing if they want to.

I love this movie and have watched it scores of time–it only gets better with time, and somebody deserves major awards for the last 3rd or so of the music especially which makes it otherworldly and haunting. I’m not big on kissing, but when Bruno and Toby kiss it is…just like in the movies… And Bruno’s casual stance when he holds his arms to invite Toby in…and I’d forgotten how many close-ups you get of both gorgeous Pricks.

Fucking swooning.

hey man! if you go to the top (above the title “LT-67”) you’ll see a tag for “pornoclips” – click that and you’ll see previous clips. anyone in particular you’d think would make a good future choice, lemme know!

I think one of the films Jan wants to see in complete form is Chute, the other Toby film, the one with Al Parker that is shown in full on Best of Colt Films 11. I mean–if you have a draft of it like you did this one. I would love it too, because that’s the vhs that got destroyed with my old vcr TV that collapsed a couple of years ago, and I can only find the truncated version of that (sped up and with poor music) on the net. I still have a good vhs of this one.

I used to think I liked Chute better than Bruno’s World, because there’s lots of world-class Fellatio, but I think now I like this one more, at least in some ways, because they are remarkably matched, equally butch in different ways, whereas Parker is plenty butch with Toby, he is a good bit younger, and was that his first film? And he’s insisted on Toby, having seen his first mag with the Coke Can and Prick side by side that he loved. And Toby is supposed to have been very eager to work with Al. Beautiful film too, though, and also fantastic music.

Of course, if I must have it, I can rent it at Colt, and so can Jan if he wants to. Chute has elements of fantasy and unreality (Toby parachuting into a tree and waking up to playing with all on the limb, quite uninjured), but this one maybe now seems even more magical because it’s Toby’s daydream of Bruno, which makes it even plausible in that sense.

There’s another Colt loop on Best of Colt 11, Driveshaft with Lloyd Kasper and Mike Davis, of which I’m sure you’re aware. Kasper was beautiful. I don’t remember the music in it, but probably good too.

hmmmmmm. can’t think of a snappy reply to “I think one of the films Jan wants to see in complete form is Chute” made me laugh!

Didn’t really require a reply at all, since you know what you want to do and how to do them.

Obviously, I just assumed that, it would be logical, and wouldn’t it? That’s just the film that was most like Bruno’s World that would qualify for what Jan had said above about these ‘holy treasures’ of the period in Colt. Although there is one of Giorgio Canali and Nick Rodgers Coming to the End on Best of Colt 11 too. They probably all (or some) have remastered music, but that I cannot check. The Dick Trask/Bill Eld one The Posing Strap on Best of Colt 8 does have some music and swinging Pricks at the end, as several on Best of Colt do, but I’d have to watch all the way through to see if there’s re-mastered music on all of them.

Colt did give Parker his first nude modelling jobs, but I just read he left after offering to work with them exclusively but with 1% of the profits, and they demurred. So went his own way. I didn’t know that Colt had given him the ‘Al’ and said he ‘didn’t have their usual look’, but before he left them he did Hand-Tooled solo, and Timberwolves with Mike Davis, said to be the “best-selling Colt film of all time” Those are on other Collections which I don’t have, and I haven’t seen them.

I’m sure any of them (and numerous others on those Best of Colt and Buckshot series) would be what Jan was referring to as these old Colt films, I’m just not familiar with that many of them, and thought it was possibly not so hard to post them if you were able to do Bruno’s World. Johnny Harden does Overload on Best of Colt 11, but I can’t check that or the Lloyd Kasper/Mike Davis one due to destroyed vhs.

Anyway, he’s not replied again, and It doesn’t matter that much to me, since it’s not too expensive to rent one or two from the Colt Store if I ever have urgent need , and I didn’t know how you happened to have the complete Bruno’s World on draft, but I’m not advanced on some of these tech things. Although if I wanted to get this vhs repaired as I’d planned to, that’s not possible right now, of course. And I don’t know if there are sometimes actual problems with posting Colt materials.

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