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Pool Party

AKA Pool Piece – (1977) Chuck Samson (who’s also modeled and performed with Roger) and Don Scott (who seems to have only made this one film) – “Chuck fantasizes sex with pool boy Don. Don shows up and they get to the real thing.”

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Very hot and well done for its time. I like the slow pace and sexy kisses, along with great 69 action.

Awesome film clip!

So, Don Scott goes from cleaning the pool shirtless in jeans to Chuck’s fantasy, which has his lovely cock and balls flopping around, (and I’ll flop ’em right into my mouth), but his shirt is back on?! I can usually avoid continuity errors in my fantasies, thank you.

Fortunately, things just get better from there. The oral stuff is terrific and outshines the buttfucking, which looks simulated, but I didn’t mind. It was kind of mesmerizing, with them gyrating together. Then Chuck Samson’s impressive cum blast made everything worthwhile. Then Don Scott runs his tongue all the way up into a tasty kiss. Pretty great.

Thanks BJ! I’m glad I searched your blog for Chuck Samson.

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