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Brad Mason

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Golden Guys ’83 – (1983) – possibly never released?
  • Giants 1 – (1983) – scene with Eric Ryan and Rod Phillips
  • The Bigger the Better – (1984) – bathroom orgy with Brian Hawks and others

  • One in a Billion – (1984) – TV repairman!
  • Hot Off the Press – (1984) – 2 scenes, one with Michael Christopher (see below) and one with Dave Ashfield
  • Job Site – (1984) – this movie has been discussed on this blog before, hasn’t it?
  • Falconhead 2: The Maneaters – (1984)

  • Hotel Hell – (1984) – a Kenneth Holloway movie that could have an interesting soundtrack
  • Mind Games – (1984) – costumes – circus? pharaohs?
  • More Mind Games – (1984) – more costumes – Brad is partnered with Jeff Stone
  • Sighs – (AKA Lovers & Friends ) – (1985) scene with Eric Stryker and Ron Pearson – OK, the stills make me want to find this video
  • CUM-pany ASS-ets – (1985)
  • Jacks Are Wild – (1986) – Brad in plaid?
  • Blue Angel – (1986) –
  • Rising Desire– (1987) – maybe he’s in this one?
  • Advocate Men Live! 2 – (1988) – likely a solo, right? I sold a couple of these tapes years back

Brad Mason on GEVI; more Brad Mason on BJland

From One In A Billion – (1984) – final scene with Dave Connors at home in the tub, Brad and other TV repairman Mike McDonald fix more than the TV! One of my favorite Brad scenes, but of course, his pairing in Jobsite with Dan Gillen has produced several post, and lots of comments! “Leftovers” scene from Falconhead 2 with Steve Collins…. ok – those are my first few faves – yours?

and that’s not all!!
you may also remember Brad from such magazines as:

  • Grapple (1982) – paired with unknown hairy guy, 30+ pics in kitchen, 10+ pics in bedroom
  • Ass Assault (1982) – paired with unknown guy – Brad in plaid for part

  • WANNA FUCK – Brad Mason & Robert Vega – don’t think it’s from a video
  • One In A Billion – (1984) – from final scene with Dave Connors at home in the tub, when two TV repairmen (Brad and Mike McDonald) arrive
  • Triple Traction – from “Giants: Part 1” – with Eric Ryan and Rod Phillips (1984)
  • LIKE LARGE – pretty much all the same images as Grapple – but all color
  • Seducers – from the film Hot Off the Press – 30ish pics w/ Michael Christopher
  • Smoldering Studmeat – from the film Hot Off the Press – 30ish pics w/ Dave Ashfield
  • Fourgy – from the film Hotel Hell – pics from both scenes Brad was in (4-way and 2-way) but these look hotter than a remember the movie being
  • Man’s Favorite Sport! – same as Seducers above – from the film Hot Off the Press
  • HONCHO August (1984) – 7-page photospread from SURGE Studios (a handful from this series wind up in Best of Surge
  • Maneaters – from the film Falconhead 2: The Maneaters – several from the scene with Steve Collins, and a couple others in “Pharoah” (?) garb
  • Satin & Flesh – from the film Giants 1 – with Eric Ryan and Rod Phillips
  • Cocked – part of magazine is pics from the film Sighs – (AKA Lovers & Friends ) – scene with Eric Stryker and Ron Pearson
  • Super Big – same images as Triple Traction – from the film “Giants: Part 1”
  • Playguy March (1985) – 6 pages, 7 beautiful images from photographer John J. Krause
  • Truckers! – excellent – from the 1984 film Job Site Dan Gillen, amongst others – see last 3 pics of this post
  • Bushwack – with Jon King – I don’t think this is film-based, don’t know of any scene of them together
  • at least three issues of STUDFLIX – Vol 2, No 5; Vol 2, No 6; Vol 3, No 1; pics from movies
  • Stroke Vol 5 No 3 – (1986) – w/Jon King – “One Fine Day” 4-page spread looks like taken from Bushwack magazine
  • INCHES December – (1987) – photospread from BRAHMA STUDIO – 6 hot pics!
  • DRUMMER 112 – (1988) – cover and 8-page photospread from BRAHMA STUDIO
  • As you can see, he appeared in a lot of magazines! many are from films/videos, and many of these overlap, like Man’s Favorite Sport! and Seducers are pretty much all the same photos, from the same film, Hot Off the Press. As I get access to some of these, I will try to add / edit in additional info, like sex partners, how many pages/images – and your help in the comments is immensely appreciated!

    From HOT OFF THE PRESS – (1984) – short scene with Michael Christopher

    and I’ll leave you with this final pic:

    11 replies on “Brad Mason”

    You are really embracing these super long posts with a lot of info, pics and even some clips, bravo sir! I’ve heard you say they take more time to research and compose but the payoff is greatly appreciated, by me and I’m confident by others who swing through here. I know Brad best from three of his 84 films: Job Site, One In A Billion of course, as well as the t-room scene in The Bigger The Better. I know I’ve seen Giants (Giants 1) but it’s been a while, isn’t Kurt Marshall in the part 2?

    Brad was definitely a stud, and despite me thinking most guys who have tats nowadays have too many of them, on him it seems to work. Maybe because he did it was so long before it started becoming a trend, even one on a guy used to stand out and usually indicated ex-military. Now they’re everywhere.

    Golden Guys sounds VERY intriguing, at first I was going to make a Golden Girls reference but I’ll let it pass. What a cast (assuming it’s a real film): Brad Mason, Jack Burke, Justin Cade, Mike Carr. Along with “Adam Gray” (Cory Adams) and Sal Guange, who if it’s the same one his only other credit was Wakefield Poole’s Take One in 1977.

    Gevi says that B.W. McFaren was Brad’s scene partner in Hotel Hell, which also looks like it could be good. Have you ever posted anything about that one before? I know you’ve done posts about the similarly themed Gayracula, there are a few others that I’d consider gay porn horror movies like that. Maybe for an upcoming Halloween post?

    Finally (sorry again for so many words) I know you know my soundcloud channel as you friended me there, my last two additions are for films I know we’ve talked about on different posts here on your blog. But if I tell you now I don’t have to leave two more messages today lol. Just fyi they are the ‘cowboy’ country-western song by the unknown woman from Cruisin the Castro, which we’ve talked about a LOT and for years now, as well as a pair of songs from Art Bressan’s Forbidden Letters. Thought that might interest you, again well done on Brad here!! :)

    I also wanna’ say that I agree with what you (Zephyr) said about Brad’s tats. Somehow tats from the 20th century are more acceptable to me than tats today. I’ve always loved tats- they seemed so dangerous when I was young. Also, I’ve never had one myself. My ears are pierced, but that’s where my kinky body modifications end. That’s not even kinky.

    These days, with modern performers, I’m often turned on when a model has no tats. How unusual, right? Some of these guys are running around with their entire necks covered. How is that a good look? No offense to those with neck tats. I also really like when tats are truly original and creative. If I got a tattoo, it would only ever be my own art. You know, copied by a tattoo artist.

    But I am also a total hypocrite, because I do like Chris Damned quite a lot and he’s got tats everywhere. Like all over his face. He proved himself to me. He’s a great performer. Anyway, those are my unsolicited thoughts on tats.

    I hear ya Johnny (and welcome back btw) You can’t help but notice a guy’s tats, especially when he’s completely naked in a porn film or scene, or even posing for a photo shoot. I would see one or two on some guys in the 80s and 90s, and not think it was overkill – and as I said above, in a lot of cases it meant he was in the military. A random b&w vintage pic I saw not long ago, may have even been here, the guy had a tat on his lovely and muscular butt cheek that said ‘the USMC can kiss my ass’ and having served in military is usually what I assumed before ..

    They just exploded, in popularity as well as the number of them guys (and women too) got all over themselves. I too have avoided tats, I have four piercings on my ears though the top one on one ear has started to grow back and hurts if I try to force an earring into it. I’m old enough to remember when even THAT was edgy, and made certain people look at you funny. Now I don’t think anyone bats an eye over a piercing anywhere, visible in public or not, and multiple tats have become if not the norm, then at least common enough that it doesn’t stand out.

    I’m not going to tell anybody they can’t get a tattoo but people get defiant about them, my body is a work of art etc., and seem to me to have too many of them a lot of the time anymore. The old advice in fashion (for women) was to look at yourself in the mirror before going out, and then take one thing off. With tats that’s not nearly as easy as removing a bracelet or a scarf though! It requires laser surgery and what not, anyway they’re here to stay apparently unless maybe the next generation to hit their 20s rebels back against them for some reason.

    Hi BJ! And fellow commenters! I’ve missed you. Things have been busy. I’m so glad I came back now. I love Brad Mason and this is a truly excellent & comprehensive profile!

    You know, I think I never knew that Bard had tattoos on both hands between the thumb and forefinger. I don’t recall ever seeing that in a model from the 70s or 80s. I thought that was more a 21st century thing. Hand tats are incredibly common these days.

    Anyway, great stuff here. The vid clips are amazing. Thanks, BJ!

    This is really a huge post. I had to come back to it. So much data! And the pics and clips, too.

    I was looking at the magazine list. I am definitely going to try to track some of those down. First I have to figure out which ones I have or don’t have.

    I had a thought. I think one of the reasons there are sometimes two different mags with photos from a single film is that one mag might be a hardcore version with penetration shots and cum, while the other mag might be a softcore version. Porn companies were often trying to get around ever-changing censorship laws. It depends on the studio/publisher and the date, but I have definitely noticed this. You also have those recycled compilation mags, which seemed to have come about for various reasons. So many mags! It can be a little confusing, but I love it.

    My most memorable scene with Brad Mason is all his scenes from Jobsite and to be fair it was the combination of Brad Mason and Dan Gillen who stole the show a little. I love their pairings, although there are always others around. How many orgies can you do in one film? That started out as a rhetorical question, but now I’m actually thinking about it.

    That’s all I’m gonna’ mention just to save time. The fact is, I’ve been happy with Brad in his *every* appearance, and continue to enjoy him and find new stuff to like. I love that he was so versatile, I love his tats, I love his stache, I love his lanky build. OK, yes and the dick. Just so much to love.

    Well done, BJ!

    (Yes, I know this is very late! Hope all the links work!)

    Whoa, BJ baby! Lately your posts have been on fire! I am most impressed! : 0

    They’re practically academic studies, as opposed to just porn posts! And I thought my replies were dissertations!

    Not only do you list a porn star’s film credits and press coverage, you also include video and film clips! You actually top, in that regard! I salute you! Bravo! : 0

    With all the hard work and time you put in, I feel like I should pay you money! I’m hoping sometime, you’ll eventually get sponsors. Everyone seems to be aware of your website. Just check out Google!

    There’s a hip, casual masculinity that I find very appealing – laid back. You tend to find this quality, among rock and country musicians – accessible. It’s “cool”, but in a positive way – not domineering, glib, or hostile.

    The current slang would probably describe this persona, as belonging to “dude-bros.” Guys who are low maintenance – no drama or bitchery; the ones who takes things in stride.

    The non-p.c. or uncharitable, might describe it as “straight-acting.” : |

    Certain gay porn stars also have it. You wouldn’t describe such performers like Michael Chrisopther, Joe Markum, Dean Flynn, Ty Arthur, Ray Connors, Rick Bolton, Kurt Williams (Cobra), Jimmy Hughes, Mike Meuller, Randy White, Michael Brawn, or Cliff Parker etc., as acting or looking as, well, “gay”. A number of the guys from Sean Cody; would also qualify for this trait.

    Vintage porn star, Jim Cassidy, is a little more mature than the fore mentioned group, but he also had it.

    At the same time, it isn’t cynical or aloof. None of these guys have that jaded, hustler detachment, which you find with certain stars like Joe Dallesandro, Johnny Harden, Tim Kramer, Jeff Stryker, Peter Berlin, Mac Reynolds, and to a certain extent, Joe Reeves – too cool for school!

    I say Brad Mason also qualifies as a “dude-bro.” – friendly. : )

    I’m a fan of his DESPITE his piercings, tattoos, and mustache. I know I’m in the minority, but I think he looks so much better, without it. It covers up his full, sensual mouth.

    At times the mustache is so droopy, that he looks like Fu Manchu or a catfish. At times also, he lets his hair grows too long – scruffy, bad grooming!

    Who knew there were so many still photos of him? So interesting – thanks!

    #3 – Nice picture here, despite the debits I mentioned – flattering! He’s a little too skinny for my taste, but I still find him desirable. Imagine if he worked out more!

    #4 – Brad makes such an awkward entrance, in this scene from “Sighs (1985)”. He gets to bang nasty Ron Pearson (#5). Pearson was such a cute, frisky, butt-slut! It’s noteworthy that the three stars in this scene: Mason, Pearson, and Eric Stryker; all made movies on film and video. There was an overlap of both mediums in the mid ‘80’s. As you said, this movie was okay; not great. : )



    #11 – He looks so young and thin here! I’m guessing that Grapple Magazine (1982); must have been one of his first porn assignments. Not a fan of porn pictures in the kitchen – rather dangerous!

    #16 – This still portrait from “Hotel Hell”, is almost perfect – cut the mustache! Very handsome – his warm eyes are beguiling, but not pleading. His elongated face is elegant, with great cheek bones and a smooth forehead. Nice haircut – good grooming can work miracles!

    #23 – Not exactly a fan, of dangling nipple rings. It reminds me too much, of the Buffalo Bill character from “Silence of the Lambs (1991)”- “It rubs the lotion on its skin…”

    #27 – Can’t say I like this later picture of him, featured on Drummer Magazine #112. Now he has even more tattoos – yuck! And he also tinted his hair – terrible, just terrible!

    Here below, is another later picture of him; presented in this same, terrible way! It’s from a 1987 issue of Inches Magazine – just awful! He needs to work out! Why Brad, why? : (

    Oh well. He’s a mixed bag, what can I say? However, I can’t thank you enough, for posting my two favorite scenes of his. I think he looks his absolute best, in “One in a Billion (1984)”. Everyone seems to enjoy the bathtub sequence!

    Here below, is a publicity still featuring him, Mike McDonald, and Jason Hill. Brad looks adorable in his uniform. : )

    And of course, I love his scene with Michael Christopher, from “Hot Off the Press (1984)”; fellow dude-bro.! Thanks for the clip! Neither of them looks their best, but both of them are masculine, warm, versatile, and WELL HUNG! : )

    #29 – I don’t remember seeing “Mind Games (1984)”. I may have rushed through it. Brad looks nice here, though his hair looks frosted. At least he doesn’t have the mustache. However, the ass on the dark, skinny, mustached guy with the mole, bending over; doesn’t look inviting at all! I’ll pass!

    “Dingaling Bros.”? Hey, that’s cute. What a circus! “Freaky- deaky, circus sex!” to quote comic actor; David Alan Grier.

    Let me commend you once again, BJ baby! You really are doing your homework! Thanks! : )

    So many FABULOUS posts! So little time! : (

    ; )

    oh my – when I saw the numbers #23, #27, I thought “how many points is he trying to make??!!” – – all I can add is that (JohnnyLlama back me up) the 1987 Inches pic is GORGEOUS!! much like the spread in 1988 for Drummer – no doubt same photoshoot (Brahma Studios).

    and thanks for the additional magazine – I’ll add December 1987 INCHES (JohnnyLlama – if you don’t have the INCHES issue, ask me, I’ll send it)

    Brad Mason and I used to work out together at Gold Gym in 1984. I never knew he did porn until I’d been watching some and I recognized the Taurus tattoo on his back and asked while we were bench pressing. He was a nice guy but I only knew him by his real name which I no longer remember. I moved away and lost touch. Does anyone know what became of him?

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