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Zeus Collection

The Zeus Collection series featured on it’s cover Merek Flint, Joe Paducah, and yes, Mickey Squires – but Mickey had to share the cover with Merek, for some unknown goddam reason! I wish I had better quality images from these magazines, but alas, they are all nabbed from eBay. Examining who posed for Zeus, the various pseudonyms (Joe Paducah = Pat Webb, for example) will take another post, or two, or three.. but for now, enjoy Mickey Squires.

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When he posed for Zeus, he used the name Merek Flint. When he posed for Colt, he used the name Leo Hooks. In his straight porn films, he used the name Ferris Weal. I kid you not. : )

I think he has an uncanny resemblance to actor Buck Taylor, from T.V.’s “Gunsmoke”.

don’t expect me to post anything from his “Ferris Weal” days – ewwwwww – but here’s a Mandate cover for you – Leo Hooks

You’re quite welcome, Stewart! It’s always fun to find a kindred spirit! We should all commend BJ, in bringing us together. Thank you BJ, for confirming that Merek Flint/Leo Hooks was indeed, a Colt stud.

I believe that in this glossy, Zeus magazine, there’s a hot picture of Merek Flint, barely dressed as a Roman soldier. He’s only wearing military sandals, and brandishing a sword. It takes up two pages in the middle, like a centerfold. I wish I could find it!

I really shouldn’t give such short shrift, to the marvelous, Mickey Squires. I agree it’s rather tacky, to use his post, to gush about another model. I’ll be sure to celebrate him, in a retroactive comment, when I have time.

Since BJ hijacked his own post, I don’t feel guilty about further kvelling, about Leo Hooks. He was one, hot choice, hunk of man meat!

If you do a Google search, there are actually a lot of pictures of him. But I don’t know how to post from them, with assurance.

This is the only link I trust. Some may not like the name of the website.

As I said above, I can’t get over, how much he looks like Western actor, Buck Taylor! It’s uncanny! I wonder if they’re distant relatives.

Some of BJ’s readers may not be familiar with him. I hope one of these two links, works!

I love cowboys – porn or mainstream! ; )

The links worked! Thank God!

P.S. I forgot to mention. In the “cocksuckersguide” (sic) link, you can enlarge each of the three pictures boxes, by clicking over them.

I especially like the first one, on the left, sitting with his tan line. Baby Got Back! : P

“Do you like movies about gladiators?”

Yes, and as I’ve already said. I also like movies about cowboys! LOL!

Well, now that I think about it. Maybe it was a little harsh, to claim that you hijacked your own post. Let me apologize. But you did contribute to the inversion. The blog was originally supposed to be about the wonderful, Mickey Squires. Not that I’m complaining. Any excuse to talk about Merek Flint/Leo Hooks, is always welcomed.

Let me also thank you for posting the pictures of him, as a Roman soldier – the very pictures I was talking about. Your generosity can never be underestimated. As you can see, my memory was a little hazy. I thought he was wearing military sandals, and not actual metal-plate, shin guards.

I know I’ve seen these pictures on Tumblr somewhere. I only encourage you to find a better scan of these pictures.

It’s amusing how we queers, love references to Greek/Roman mythology. Just look at our porn magazine titles, Zeus, Paean, Olympus, etc. It’s no wonder. The Greek/Roman age was so homoerotic; so many of the male gods were bisexual!

Did you know that in the ancient Olympics; the athletes competed in the nude? Just goes to show you, homo-eroticism was there from the very beginning! You’re carrying on, a very long, celebratory tradition!

; )

hello! donate them to the BJLAND collection! or more seriously, if you are able to do high quality scans – as you can see some of my pics are poor downloads from the internet, including eBay – and often they are not scans, but photos taken from a digital camera that distorts or is at the least, not the best quality…

BJ, I have scans of some of these Zeus mags you’ve mentioned. I’ll send you the Squires/Flint issue for starters.

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