"vintage" porn stars music in gay porno pornoclips


Gym Nasties on BJland. and sure, let’s see if we can figure out the tunes….

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First song is Disco Boogie by Paul Zaza, second is You’ve Got What It Takes by Madeline Bell and the third one is You’re A Winner also by Madeline. That last instrumental I have heard it before, but I can’t remember who/what it is…good luck

I don’t recognize the instrumental song either, did you try shazam? I’ve still never used it but you mentioned at least once how you’ve tried it before, with mixed results.

I don’t know anything about the music, I can’t even remember if I turned it down or not, I just know I loved this scene. Gunner Hyde is a favorite. This one and his scene with Killer Joe. And then Killer Joe’s scene with Butch Barnes…omg it just goes on and on.

Kirby Scott was a beauty too, although my appreciation for him didn’t grow to full potential, so to speak, until the 1990s when he turned into a hairy blond ‘stached muscle stud called Joseph Myska.

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