"vintage" porn stars

lucky Pierre

Eric Ryan , Daniel Holt, and…..? and yes, with a little research, I could probably figure out who the bottom blond is, but let’s see what you guys come up with

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scrolling through your back posts of Ryan, I saw the Job Site posts…I’ve always wondered what the name was of the hairy chested guy from your JOBSITE post on 12/12/11 is… is he in any other fims?? Hot for him for 20 years.

he’s one of these: Gador, Eric Ryan, Daniel Holt, Scott Avery, Lenny Dean, Terry James, Brad Mason, Keith Williams, Tanas, Scott Thompson, Robert Vega, Dave Ashfield ; plus: Bobby Cerrato, Champ LaRue, Marc, Dan Gillen, Roger Cook, Dan Hodge, Robert Vaqe, Rob Wright, Dill Duncan, Randy Page; Mark Edwards as Uncle Charlie and Kenneth Weyerhauser as the Attorney.

heehee! I don’t think we’ve figured this out yet – who he is, and if he’s done any other porno work – one of those porn mysteries to be solved!

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