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Toby on the rocks and some other stuff

and for good measure, let’s throw in the Cade Cousins, but I can’t rememeber why

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Aha, too charming! The one in the jeep I was referring to is the 4th photo down, is one of the most alluring of Toby. But fuck, I was wrong about the left foot being in the car–which is even more embarassing because I really do have it framed and hung. And he’s holding the cigarette outside his mouth, although I knew he didn’t have it hanging from his lips. I even used a flashlight because I keep this room dark most of the time, so went over and looked at it after I saw you posted it. I was probably taking it even a step further because of the incredibly consciously open thighs–made all the more fabulously obscene by the fact of his right foot now being turned over to make the thigh-frame even more profoundly Erotic. And wonderful quality for the Polynesian one. Fuck if he didn’t have a way with a cigarette (and there are so many Toby-cigarette ones.

Thanks for more Cades, clever one. Some spectacular couple they were, what was it, 2 years they were lovers while also continuing to film together? I saw a good number of theirs at Westworld, on West Street, where I’d often go at my lunch hour when I had a job nearby. Got more good head there than anyplace else, went one night and had a buddy lineup, oh man, that was the hottest I ever felt–exact opposite of the Paris Place Blanche Theater I went to when I was 20 and sucked off every youngman I could my mouth on. Saw a lot of Parker’s last Surge films both there and at the nearby Studio Bookstore, which was such a venerable old place, and it was supposed to remain a landmark. I’m sure something illegal was done to seize it, saying that there was some kind of structural unsturdiness in the apartments above it. Shame, I remember when it was free and you could have 2 to a room. I also saw Toby on 8mm in the truck scene there. I love trucks.

Westworld! oh my – I’ve been there maybe a dozen times, and I’d always bring the coupon from the back of the Village Voice!

This is just beautiful. And the most ridiculous thing: I never saw it on the back of the Voice that I can remember (and I think I would.) I also didn’t go regularly to Westworld until long after it started–meaning I went in the late 80s mainly, and continued into the 90s till it closed in 1997. I think it goes back to the 70s, and I may have gone one single time then, or 1980, somewhere around then. I did read the VV all the time, though, and should have seen it. They used to have all these personal pleas to their lovers on that back cover page. All that intimate stuff has been bulldozed.

Very characterful, flavorful ad, makes one know what we’ve lost. Oh man, you don’t want to walk over that way anymore if you come back here sometimes, there is zero gay anything, except that they did renovate the old Keller (sometimes called ‘Killer’s’) and had left the sign hanging, but it was turned into apartments. The only thing that is exactly like it was in 1989, when I had such a lot of action at Lunch Hour Westworld is an Arab Hamburger place with the best burgers–which they still have, and I go down occasionally. And that’s it. The rest is all Celeb Residences, I literally call it the Movie Star District, because there are all these movie stars living down here now. Super-rich furniture stores, etc., that were never part of the Village before.

Thanks for putting this here, love the Topman Magazine blurb with the ‘CUM’ in it. Everything so tech-oriented by now.

Wow, to think I’ve commented on three separate Toby posts, all within a few weeks time! : 0

I figured it was best to post here, instead of the 11-19-10 Toby post. That quickly got crowded and cramped – 15 comments! No thanks to me! : )

“Workout” has been exhausted! LOL!

Besides, this one pretty much covers the same ground. : )

#2 – Let me first thank you BJ, for posting that “Jungle Jeep” photo of Toby with the binoculars. I especially appreciate that you posted mine first – the bright, deep, rich, b & w color!

The link broke for a short period, but then it came back! Go figure! It’s still there!

Some may think that posting this same picture, three times, is redundant, but so what! It’s here for posterity! I know where to find it! : )

The other two “Jungle Jeep” photos, #4 and 5, favored by Parisian are fine, but I have to admit a preference for this one! I just think it’s so funny – so deadpan! I’m sure Toby is in on the joke!

As I said before, what does he see in the foreground? Is that what made him aroused? It must have been pretty interesting, if it compels him to use his binoculars!

I also can’t forget how both his dick and his cigarette are positioned! LOL!

Jim French has other amusing Colt photos, which are also ambiguous. He lets the viewer project, whatever fantasy scenario he wants, or comes to mind – mystery and humor combined!

Now, on to the next item…

Why BJ, you sweet little dickens! I love it that you stole my idea, for this post title! I don’t mind it at all (“plagiarist!”). I’m actually honored and flattered, that I inspire you. : )

Besides, it’s not like I had my ideas trademarked. Anything is fair game, especially when it comes to porn! I hope this won’t be the last time!
: )

I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time you post about Toby. : )

We’ve now had Toby on the rocks. The next time you serve him, it can be shaken, or stirred, or straight up with a twist. Or how about: a chaser, or Toby as a cocktail (What? His cock or tail?)!

Either way, he’ll always give us a buzz! : )

Go ahead, and use those ideas. I give you permission. : )

Oooh boy, have I said, all there is to say, about Toby? Well actually, no!

Can you believe I’ve found yet another picture of him?

It’s another “lewd and lascivious” photo of him with Scott Butcher – tongues extended! Parisian might not like this. You’ll probably describe this as “lecherous”!

Toby grabs and French kisses!

; )

It’s fine, I just think Parker and Bruno were so much better-matched to Toby. Are you kidding–I don’t usually use the word ‘lecherous’, but I have nothing against it, and LEWD is one of the most important words in English. Also licentious, lascivious and, especially, salacious.

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